Comic Buyer’s Guide 722

Comic Buyer’s Guide #722 September 18, 1987
 photo 074E49CE-0866-4394-9AC2-68C06E28227E.jpg

 photo E790E7B9-ADDE-4282-BF18-AD9F7E8F2730.jpg

This issue of CBG features one of my favorite parody strips of Swamp Thing. There should be some sort of National Grow Your Own Swamp Thing Day… right?
 photo F9E23661-F075-48F5-B9D5-887805AD670C.jpg

Francis Castiglione in action
 photo 147B82CC-9EC7-4CD6-A3B3-5679EF9509C0.jpg

Another great full-page ad. Seven months after this was published, Swamp Thing appeared in Wasteland #5 This Time We Win!; Under The Lash; Big Crossover Issue April 1988
 photo E5A6AC78-CB57-4140-A857-AC3088AF8873.jpg

Full-page Hellblazer series debut advertisement
 photo 52AEE983-99CE-4865-86E3-A3928DD3C178.jpg

Deadtime Stories Involves Bissette, Yeates and Gulacy; artists who have worked on Swamp Thing.
 photo 63F33EAC-DF34-4E82-87AB-4DDD5678D17C.jpg

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