Comic Buyer’s Guide 725

Comic Buyer’s Guide #725 October 9, 1987
 photo 77C83A32-5A1D-4A89-865E-9D99B9136500.jpg

I scoured through many issues of CBG earlier this month to find any evidence of Swamp Thing. I found some great articles and ads but what got me most excited were the comic strips featuring Swampy. This issue featured another great one…
 photo CEF32086-D961-417E-AC65-7598F0354C1A.jpg

Hawkman: terrifyingly helpful
 photo AEA13142-4945-41B2-83B0-809BF82B9C22.jpg

This full-page Green Arrow ad is terrific. There’s usually a few ads in each CBG that I want to frame and hang on my wall.
 photo 87E714D1-5B88-4242-A514-6CA3A2976BFF.jpg

Another Swampy ad, similar to the ones found in CBG #687 and CBG #713. As I mentioned in a previous post, these ads ran quite a bit in ’87.
 photo 8FD03D9D-CA13-4E1D-9090-AD980674546C.jpg
 photo 73EF6354-2385-4CEB-AAA9-C49BFEA5FF7A.jpg

The previously mentioned Swamp Thing comic strip makes an appearance amongst the birthdays section, right below Berni Wrightson’s b-day notice. Wrightson was born in October on the 27th in ’48.
 photo 486A62A9-EB50-4490-9792-6508357D9CB7.jpg

A self-sustaining power duo in the making…
 photo CEF32086-D961-417E-AC65-7598F0354C1A.jpg

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