Comics Buyer’s Guide 713

Comics Buyer’s Guide #713 July 17, 1987
 photo 80168A88-44C3-4317-B606-9214E039EDA0.jpg
Another issue of Comics Buyer’s Guide featuring a Swamp Thing parody strip as well as an incentive based ad for Swampy subscribers and CBG advertisers.
 photo 8CE8A768-BF0C-4F4E-965C-ACCDF5D318EE.jpg

The Swampy strip is illustrated by Don Don Martinec. I couldn’t find much info on Don and I love his cartoony take on Swamp Thing.
 photo 3943D2A4-A1CC-45BC-A6EC-7568062D9239.jpg

The illustration accompanies an article announcing Bob Rozakis’ promotion. He sure is a busy man.
 photo E0AB98E4-4025-405A-BF11-2BC8F855B964.jpg

A playful take on Firestorm, puttin’ on the Ritz
 photo D6623E78-A78F-4866-A252-1D19F2029854.jpg

 photo 5D86FAD4-7070-473C-BFFC-AC2D15EE42A0.jpg
Another great Martinec illustration.

 photo FFC4B2FA-BDD7-4F59-8409-61F834FC8EED.jpg

As seen in my previous post, CBG #687, comes another incentive/prize based Swamp Thing ad.
 photo B1675FA1-8686-41A0-9D4E-42CEC334275D.jpg

There are so many entertaining comic strips in CBG
 photo D4CF9CFF-08F1-479A-9AC0-50FD356D8D8B.jpg

A large portion of this issue features info about the ’87 San Diego Comic Con.
 photo FC4891B1-224F-4E29-8C85-16C0DF0E4AFD.jpg

“Here are some notes and tips”…
 photo 328E8729-A182-4614-BBA9-13D99CEE07F6.jpg
 photo 6CB369DF-662D-4CDC-AA5A-47D3C4F2C499.jpg


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