Indonesian trading cards 1

Swamp Thing 1 (series 1) Indonesian trading cards

Another sheet of pure, uncut Indonesian trading cards arrived, just in time for Christmas. I’ve finally found the time to translate the cards and I’ve been itching to do so ever since they arrived. This sheet tells the story of Dark Genesis from Swamp Thing #1 (1972). I was so excite to, A) find another sheet of Indonesian cards, and B) that they are directly related to the comic series, unlike the first sheet I obtained which I believe was tied to the live action TV series. I have not been able to find a whole lot of information regarding the origin of the cards but I was told that an Indonesian artist created the artwork. This new sheet provided an exciting, new piece to the puzzle though; the press. The logo of the press that printed both trading card sheets can be found on cards #1 and #28. Gunung Kelud, an Indonesian based press, specializes in offset printing, packaging and screen printing. They claim to be “the pioneer in printing and packaging business in Indonesia”. I contacted them last weekend to try and find out when the sheets were printed but I have yet to receive a response. I’m guessing the sheets were printed in the early/mid ’90s but I will keep you posted. A volcano is depicted within their logo. The press is named after the volcano sharing the same name. The volcano is quite impressive and worth reading about. “More than 30 eruptions have occurred since 1000 AD.”

As I’ve mentioned numerous times in previous posts, I love fan/amateur art. For as crude and rough as the drawings can be, they are equally beautiful. The passion and effort that goes into them is terrific. Whenever I see a piece involving Swamp Thing, I feel the need to track it down. This sheet isn’t exactly fan-art but it is quite crude in spots, especially how Swamp Thing is drawn. To celebrate this style, I’ve decided to pair Wrightson’s original artwork with the cards so you can see what the unknown, Indonesian artist was influenced by when creating the cards.
 photo C4F38A6B-4136-4BEB-B045-5E5F4E97F079.jpg

This sheet, like the other, is in great shape and the colors are quite vivid.
 photo 5C5260CB-8529-49AB-89B2-056445AA41B9.jpg

The Story
Swamp Thing #1 (series 1) 1972
Dark Genesis
 photo CC5C57C1-F917-4243-B298-CB79714C7A2C.jpg

The Cards
Card 1
<<Beginning of Human Sludge>>
Swamp Thing
 photo 48CEC735-998E-447E-BB1A-4C343446C238.jpg
Card 1 Inspiration: ST #1 Page 16, Panel 1
 photo 9CBCF588-39D7-4E34-8967-F9F60C04038E.jpg

Card 2
<<A barn, isolated in the midst of a silent forest>>
 photo 6070810B-5561-4920-96C0-8B37B2B3F725.jpg
Card 2 Inspiration: ST #1 Page 3, Panel 2
 photo DF2CC325-1736-42CA-AACD-18B65CF8B700.jpg

Card 3
<<In the barn is a laboratory inhabited by Dr. Alec and his wife Linda>>
 photo CE16EB85-015C-4C81-8D9D-A4DC78D2A8EC.jpg
Throughout the cards, Dr. Holland is called Alec as well as Alex. I’m not quite sure why.
Card 3 Inspiration: ST #1 Page 3, Panel 3
 photo 0AC1E98B-D853-4DD0-B6B2-2BE6FDD1DFD6.jpg

Card 4
<<For the lab, there is a watchdog named Lieutenant cable>>
 photo 0B7BF062-6853-4AA4-9773-2687FAEC907E.jpg
Card 4 Inspiration: ST #1 Page 4, Panel 1
 photo 3EA214E6-2F26-4B0F-9760-A8AA326763AA.jpg

Card 5
<<For a few days, Dr. Alex’s imagination starts to run wild for a secret chemical ingredient>>
 photo 10614C6F-16F1-4336-8161-B13F78227FF4.jpg
Card 5 Inspiration: ST #1 Page 5, Panel 2
 photo 2219C0A0-3EB8-46DE-BCC1-13516E9A4136.jpg

Card 6
<<They manage to make the discovery to allow for a fertile desert>>
 photo 6206A310-60D6-41C5-B625-73C2FE37DF51.jpg
Card 6 Inspiration: ST #1 Page 5, Panel 3
 photo B2917959-6685-4B4E-85B8-73CB3BEDCEC5.jpg

Card 7
<<Dr. Alex thought Lt. Cable left and came back. He guessed wrong>>
 photo CCD1335C-3D9D-49A2-BFD5-EF3C905B1363.jpg
Card 7 Inspiration: ST #1 Page 5, Panel 5
 photo 2542B204-3E31-438E-9ACA-86BE448B788E.jpg

Card 8
<<Gangster, Ferret wants to buy the formula from Dr. Alec>>
 photo A18EC2CF-A98C-4757-A963-5E0791BDC156.jpg
Card 8 Inspiration: ST #1 Page 6, Panel 1
 photo B7B57DDA-DA91-4567-BB4D-92C7F05B97C1.jpg

Card 9
<<Ferret tries to force Dr. Alec to sell it but to no avail>>
 photo 28F852BA-D135-4253-B2F9-2B608BD462CE.jpg
Card 9 Inspiration: ST #1 Page 6, Panel 4
 photo 73604295-CA78-451D-A78F-DEB70ED251A5.jpg

Card 10
<<Ferret hears the roar of Cable’s car and runs>>
 photo D81DA00F-32EF-4DFF-9768-9F2FCF0D480A.jpg
Card 10 Inspiration: ST #1 Page 7, Panel 1
 photo 5A39D3FA-FBE3-4F5A-A569-B6834DEB18C1.jpg

Card 11
<< Lt. Cable advises to be more careful when opening the doors>>
 photo 272CFB4D-8F56-4309-A6F2-D330D516E781.jpg
Card 11 Inspiration: ST #1 Page 7, Panel 3
 photo 52C64292-4237-4554-AC34-4C92E74D2D27.jpg

Card 12
<<Lt. Cable returns to his car. Dr. Alec proceeds to work on his discovery>>
 photo 5B225A1F-BA8E-4476-874A-9A151E361CBA.jpg
Card 12 Inspiration: ST #1 Page 8, Panel 1
 photo 766D945D-AB9E-4D5B-8D20-1FA418BA8F69.jpg

Card 13
<<Soon, a suspicious sound comes from the front doors>>
 photo 7B4F2842-2422-4DB0-A51D-6E7B92E50F61.jpg
Card 13 Inspiration: ST #1 Page 8, Panel 2
 photo C5E3B78E-56DD-4AD4-8153-C7419FCADDBA.jpg

Card 14
<<like something is breaking down the doors. Dr. Alex is ready, with rifle in hand>>
 photo 98C53E98-CDBB-4979-A90A-095B70FF3E17.jpg
Card 14 Inspiration: ST #1 Page 8, Panel 4
 photo 7F6A0215-90A2-4D88-9B5B-B3CC3ACD561C.jpg

Card 15
<<it turns out that it’s just a stray dog. Linda wants to keep it>>
 photo D0960A5E-6691-4EAD-96E3-932AA0BCF94E.jpg
Card 15 Inspiration: ST #1 Page 9, Panel 1
 photo 69C8A69D-2E76-46DB-8B66-6EF22D1C9DA6.jpg

Card 16
<<Criminals put a mini radio on the dog that Dr. Alec accidentally let into the barn.>>
 photo 711D1BF1-AF1C-4234-86FD-16C07CD14362.jpg
Card 16 Inspiration: ST #1 Page 9, Panel 4
 photo F6C0BB49-1816-481B-8C4D-117AF5D708F0.jpg

Card 17
<<The Gangster boss hears Dr. Alex talk.>>
 photo CFED55DB-74A6-4943-A416-0F303F50428B.jpg
Card 17 Inspiration: ST #1 Page 10, Panel 2
 photo 296C75CF-585A-44BA-9590-8803F10984C9.jpg

Card 18
<<Ferret orders Alec to sell the formula, Alec tells them to leave.>>
 photo EC70D4A8-C84E-43AB-AE2F-9B5B50C8ACCE.jpg
Card 18 Inspiration: ST #1 Page 11, Panel 1
 photo 24ADD455-7E93-43B2-8B94-0C7555E47D01.jpg

Card 19
<<From behind, Ferret’s friend hits Dr Alec in the back of the head.>>
 photo 92F1A744-C242-4236-876D-A2439EA02575.jpg
Card 19 Inspiration: ST #1 Page 11, Panel 2
 photo 9A8B7EB3-1B25-47D5-9D80-DE0360E48F4C.jpg

Card 20
<<While Dr. Alec is unconscious, Ferret instructs his friend to set Dynamite.>>
 photo 253E2562-0660-448F-ADF1-D1F6A8EB0D76.jpg
Card 20 Inspiration: ST #1 Page 11, Panel 3
 photo D4EECD41-A48D-429E-BA67-56FF6E0770E6.jpg

Card 21
<<Dr. Alex begins to wake up hearing a strange ticking sound>>
 photo 8DF24001-79C4-4FC9-BF83-3D79D601E6E9.jpg
Card 21 Inspiration: ST #1 Page 11, Panel 4 & 5
 photo 266ACB5F-2DB1-4043-A61F-C18BD98ED745.jpg

Card 22
<<Dr. Alec sees a bomb mounted under the table, he tries to pick it up.>>
“Arcel” seems to be written at the bottom of the panel but it’s not very clear. I’d love to know if this is the name of the artist.
 photo 43FC9A65-413F-47DC-95DC-85F6C34F130E.jpg
Card 22 Inspiration: ST #1 Page 11, Panel 6
 photo 106CFF34-C5A4-40D5-868D-7C241CFBF012.jpg

Card 23
<<The bomb explodes alongside Dr. Alex and his chemical concoction.>>

BWAROOOOMM! translates to BLAAAR
 photo D827BB00-7006-4A20-8CAB-A119E89B6EAA.jpg
Card 23 Inspiration: ST #1 Page 12, Panel 1
 photo 08A7A8D0-F110-41D5-A8E0-8E8A6610EE8E.jpg

Card 24
<<Poor Dr. Alec runs from his lab, looking for safety.>>
 photo BF193A66-196E-456F-9206-366D20D29A4D.jpg
Card 24 Inspiration: ST #1 Page 12, Panel 3
 photo 25459F90-D644-44B4-BBC9-A2BB3172F10B_1.jpg

Card 25
<<Only god knows what happened. He was in pain, splashing into the marsh waters.>>
 photo 7157CF58-BB8D-4E95-9B01-87ECF5BC7604.jpg
Card 25 Inspiration: ST #1 Page 12, Panel 4
 photo 011A9969-FD5A-4B2E-87B7-9E25BCFFA821.jpg

Card 26
<<Grieving, Linda and colleagues thought Dr. Alec’s body was destroyed.>>
 photo 6362392E-D713-4324-A39C-86C9C9171D0A.jpg
Card 26 Inspiration: ST #1 Page 13, Panel 1
 photo 6F46270D-56BE-4813-991E-0C5FD102FFE7.jpg

Card 27
<<After the burial, Linda returns to the laboratory with the dog and Lt. Cable.>>
 photo ACADC1F8-DA86-4B2B-B56D-0A6BD5ADC268.jpg
Card 27 Inspiration: ST #1 Page 13, Panel 2
 photo 39AAEDC5-429C-4847-AE56-E956B1317704.jpg

Card 28
<<It is now raining outside. There is something emerging from the marsh.>>
 photo AE3A880F-E487-41BC-ABFA-54D174BE0245.jpg
Card 28 Inspiration: ST #1 Page 14, Panel 2 & 3
 photo D39DFED8-6988-401E-BFB5-0389427A0F57.jpg

Card 29
<<From the marsh, the monster begins to rise.>>
 photo AD02FACE-BD20-4F71-9BCB-BF78A2AF4C92.jpg
Card 29 Inspiration: ST #1 Page 14, Panel 5
 photo 71967604-6DC6-4EB8-B589-21D8163536F1.jpg

Card 30
<<He is Swamp Thing. He looks toward the lab>>
 photo DDD8DD76-BF3A-4D47-A363-268871A2FC16.jpg
Card 30 Inspiration: ST #1 Page 17, Panel 2
 photo 398F793D-D87B-4985-A4C0-9856F80DD565.jpg

Card 31
<<Confused, the dog runs out of the lab. Linda and Lt. Cable begin to chase>>
 photo BF791E30-8E27-4B00-B7AF-2B42C4D7392F.jpg
Card 31 Inspiration: ST #1 Page 17, Panel 4
 photo 6CA7FBC9-AAB9-4061-87FA-D38025D585D7.jpg

Card 32
<<Cable finds the dog and is hit with a hard object.>>
 photo 16600A6F-23EA-4159-85B3-065511C90539.jpg
Card 32 Inspiration: ST #1 Page 18, Panel 3
 photo 2627B37F-5DD2-465A-9743-D1AED647E105.jpg

Card 33
<<Linda returns to the lab and is caught by Ferret.>>
In this version of Swamp Thing’s origin, Linda does not get shot and killed. Instead she faints and is later retrieved by Swamp Thing.
 photo CF6D920D-BEED-46CB-B8C2-FE1182849454.jpg
Card 33 Inspiration: ST #1 Page 18, Panel 5
 photo 07CA2EEF-A9BF-43D2-B4FC-AE0118E64896.jpg

Card 34
<<Swamp Thing comes to help Linda. He pursues Ferret who is escaping>>
The first panel on card 34 depicts Swamp Thing holding Linda who has fainted. Swamp Thing #1 does not contain a panel that looks similar to the one on the card but the cover of ST #3 looks pretty close.
 photo 85AD5672-AFBF-4DEC-B3D9-8BE724550673.jpg
Part 2: ST #3, Cover & ST #1 Page 20, Panel 4
 photo A9208887-46B3-4D01-B292-3FE1A946A350.jpg

Card 35
<<Ferret and his men are beat. He remembers the bomb at the lab.>>
 photo 7E308FBF-AF24-456D-9147-51664E1A6F50.jpg
Card 35 Inspiration: ST #1 Page 21, Panel 1
 photo A4B6A0C4-1DB4-4B53-9D83-DCC6CC2EB183.jpg

Card 36
<<Swamp Thing tells Lt. Cable about Linda who has fainted. He passes on into the woods.>>
 photo 5719EA10-DB24-4198-81B1-3301E0C5DD48.jpg
Card 36 Inspiration: ST #1 Page 23, Panel 3 & Page 24, Panel 2
 photo F6C8C6C9-286F-447D-86EE-36B3020B2257.jpg

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