Saga of the Swamp Thing 15 (series 2)

The Saga of the Swamp Thing #15 (1983)
Empires Made of Sand

There are a few fun and goofy moments in this, the second half of the two part story (part 1: Saga of the Swamp Thing #14) featuring the Broders, Swamp Thing and Phantom Stranger.

Swamp Thing is still a crystal statue due to Nat Broder who, in last issue, accidently turned himself into an ego-maniacal crystal who’s now hell bent on world domination.
Even though he’s stuck in a crystal, Swamp Thing maintains his charm.
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The Comics Journal 82

The Comics Journal 82 (1983)

The main focus of this issue of The Comics Journal is Dave and Deni Sim but of course I am only fixated upon the Swamp Thing related content.

This gaunt, knock-kneed Swamp Thing illustration by Fred Hembeck was the reason why I picked up this book. Fellow Swamp Thing fan, Jeff Gauntt brought the letters page illustration to my attention. Thanks Jeff!

Now that the important stuff is out of the way (har-har), the book features some great articles and news from the time.
the premature Jedi, the great spoiler of ’83.
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An Oversized Helping of DC’s Best

Limited Collectors’ Edition presents #C-52 (1977)
The Best of DC Volume 1

If you’re a frequent visitor to this site, you know that I enjoy obscure ads and articles relating to Swamp Thing. Any little Swampy sighting excites me. This large edition features a Swamp Thing sighting and I was very excited to pick it up today along with the previously posted Swampy word search.
 photo 74BA8E6D-A67B-4FA9-BCD0-EC7C64D620E9.jpg
The wrap-around cover features some terrific Neal Adams artwork.
 photo 054DF53F-96E0-43D6-B419-46D3817070D2.jpg

The book collects a number of great (best of, as the title indicates) DC stories. The art work is spectacular, of course. Oh, and here is that little Swamp Thing sighting. I wish they had published a Volume 2, featuring the pictured Swamp Thing #9 The Stalker From Beyond (1974).
 photo 518BA807-B544-4FA8-B19B-514353F267AB.jpg
Below is a list of the stories that are reprinted.

Batman #237 Night of the Reaper (1971)
 photo 31092AE5-57E7-4AEC-A7E0-51C0F41242B9.jpg

House of Mystery #201 The Demon Within (1951)
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A Swampy Christmas Word Search

Limited Collectors’ Edition: Christmas with the Super-Heroes
DC Treasury Edition (1975)
 photo AE52C0B3-C960-43AA-A9A0-2911D41DE37D.jpg

Here’s a perfect example of what sleepless nights filled with Swamp Thing research will getcha if you work hard enough. This may be the only instance of Swamp Thing in a word search; it certainly is the first.

Santa’s Scrambler Super-List
Thank you Bob Rozakis for including Swamp Thing!
 photo C0BF5DB4-3D30-4366-A116-291CCD0A11F3.jpg
 photo 56E0B5D4-C5B1-4B59-8818-3A8BAA4434FA.jpg

Incase you can’t find ‘ol Swampy, the answers are in the back of the book.
 photo C922B769-A1CE-4FD3-ADE4-BE0162EBBB0A.jpg

Christmas with the Super-Heroes features Superman and Wonder Woman related Christmas stories, Batman Silent Night of the Batman, House of Mystery Night Prowler, The Sandman Santa Fronts for the Mob, a Christmas greeting from the super-heroes, a carol sing-a-long, Santa’s scrambled super-list and much, much more.
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Supercomic Los Temerarios

Supercomic (1984)
Los Temerarios

This great, pocket-sized Mexican edition was published by Editorial Novaro. It features Challengers of the Unknown #84 To Save a Monster/When Deadmen Walk, originally printed in 1978.
 photo FE492071-D3DA-4A74-9AFF-7053720FCA2D.jpg
I believe Los Temerarios translates to The Reckless. For a refresher on this Challengers #84 see my previous post here.
 photo CB0CAB7D-27CD-46C4-8CC6-BF184A59C90C.jpg
 photo B6AA365B-A50E-4E24-94C1-464F3B0F4F0E.jpg
 photo C0B9EFDB-3485-40B0-AC3E-D95227E26705.jpg
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Saga of the Swamp Thing 14 (Series 2)

The Saga of the Swamp Thing #14  (1983)
Crystal Visions, Shattered Dreams

 photo 19872DC3-AE7A-4D65-8BBC-450B60E71045.jpg
After the drawn out satanic/Karen story arc, writer Dan Mishkin takes the reigns for this two part story. Artists, Bo and Scott Hampton handle the artistic duties.
 photo 350BEB73-98DB-4B7E-A510-F44CCD5E4159.jpg

 photo 0248CD6C-58D2-4849-8B35-816A917368E9.jpg
Wealthy young scientist Nat Broder is taking the silicon chip technology field by storm but the technology will have the last laugh. While working on a cutting edge experiment, Nathaniel finds himself in trouble. Live by the silicone, die by the silicone is an old saying I’m sure someone says… somewhere.

Famous last words
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The Comic Reader 106

The Comic Reader #106 (May 1974)

1973 was a good year for Swamp Thing and Swampy fans. The fan-voted Comc Art Fan Awards were clear and overwhelmingly in favor of Swamp Thing. The great folks at my LCS found this little issue of The Comic Reader and set it aside for me in case it made mention of Swamp Thing. Comic Readers at this time measured 5.5″ x 8.5″. They would later be printed in more of a magazine sized format. The 5.5″ x 8.5″ format allowed for readily available letter sized paper (8.5″ x 11″) to be used in the production, cutting costs and production time.
 photo 90F829F8-F3D7-4A71-8305-58497293C208.jpg
The awards section speaks for itself. It was fun to thumb through this little zine to find Swamp Thing as the fan favorite.
 photo CC7CD5E5-EA73-4EED-95A2-E13AD0F28162.jpg

 photo C8FF004F-57F5-473B-8319-52268E4B3F9B.jpg

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