Swamp Thing movie promo stills

 photo 8739FB06-EFA6-4FC5-956E-161E791DCF2D.jpg
Last week I came across this set of Swamp Thing movie promo stills. The glossy 8x10s are in wonderful shape. I already had a couple of these but couldn’t pass on this set of 10 that were very reasonably priced. I believe The this series of stills were a set of, at least, 13 but I could be wrong. A number of promo stills were produced for the movie. Some are similar images that include varying amounts of information/descriptions. Some of them have hand-written production codes on them. A list of the stills in my collection can be found on the Collectibles page.

“…Swamp Thing. The contemporary, action-packed story of beauty and the beast, based upon characters appearing in magazines published by DC Comics, is written and directed by Wes Craven. Produced by Benjamin Melniker and Michael E. Uslan, the film is an Embassy Pictures release.”

“Dr. Alec Holland (Ray Wise) and his sister Linda (Nannette Brown) are apprehended in their lab by henchman (David Hess, left, and Nicholas Worth) sent to steal the scientist’s secret formula in Swamp Thing.”
 photo CD10D4AE-9568-4602-9F0C-76F9CFEA4B88.jpg

“Adrienne Barbeau is assisted by local youth Reggie Batts in her search for a missing scientific growth formula in Swamp Thing.”
 photo 1F73FA19-8E84-49D4-8290-922DE5C70AA9.jpg

I’m not quite sure why the description doesn’t mention the creepy, cross carrying, bayou baby?
 photo 5197F35F-4635-4A72-A8FB-F86D82DF8A96.jpg

…creepy, cross carrying, bayou baby
 photo 9859D982-B04A-4FFE-A540-F2B73F119B14.jpg

“Adrienne Barbeau makes a startling discovery in Swamp Thing.”
 photo 23933A6A-EB31-4DB0-A66D-C3031F1D2A79.jpg

“Swamp Thing transformed by science into half-man, half-vegetation monster …and changed by love even more.”
 photo 82AECC36-9E66-4E94-B5E3-0710AECF07F4.jpg

“Nicholas Worth begins a startling transformation after unknowingly taking a dose of a mysterious growth formula in Swamp Thing.”
 photo B3AF2E39-5ADE-4ABC-AC6D-E0FDAF3477DA.jpg

“Captured! The Swamp Thing (Dick Durock) suffers the loss of a limb after being captured by Arcane (Louis Jourdan) and his henchmen in Swamp Thing.”
 photo 6D4A30E6-6D34-4129-888F-815C7594EA52.jpg

“The Swamp Thing and the Arcane Monster (Dick Durock, left, and Ben Bates) in a climactic fight to the finish in Swamp Thing.”
 photo 65F825BA-711E-4EA1-8EB5-E09CF8AC63E7.jpg

“Beauty and the Beast. Adrienne Barbeau and the Swamp Thing (Dick Durock) are drawn together after the creature saves her life in Swamp Thing.”
 photo 54AC4ABA-F988-43DD-B20F-51C16F086086.jpg

“Adrienne Barbeau stars as Alice Cable, a government official assigned to protect a research scientist working on a secret growth formula in Swamp Thing.”
 photo E57A1325-5C29-479F-AC31-B621B8C0B4D3.jpg

“Lois Jourdan stars as Arcane, a sinister man whose lust for world domination centers around a mysterious growth formula in Swamp Thing.”
 photo CD899B7E-2044-4104-A55B-3095098F9DAB.jpg

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