Critics Choice: Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing

Critics Choice Magazine Spotlight Swamp Thing #1 (1987)
Critics Choice: Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing

 photo CAF7CFCE-EB6E-48BC-B631-D64C9FE91F37.jpg
Psi Fi Movie Press spotlights Alan Moore’s work on Swamp Thing issues 20-33 and Annual #2. The book features a history of Swamp Thing, background info and a summary of each issue. There are also a few really cool production sketches. This is the first book in a series of three.
 photo 076421FD-017A-4D69-A2C1-AB5760EA06DE.jpg
 photo DCBFFB7A-63AA-4DF4-BC62-7164427543C6.jpg

The following character design was used for the Saga of the Samp Thing sample pages.
 photo 27987000-4679-4266-BA97-5E574E844878.jpg

The book starts with a colorful write-up praising Alan Moore.
 photo D3E28ACB-F7F8-4F0B-8402-BCB9F7272032.jpg

Anothe great drawing. The book is filled with plenty of artwork
 photo 6E0BF2F3-B518-430A-82EF-3092173AEFF7.jpg
 photo C9817223-D2B9-47B6-8E07-8B9EC4112BEB.jpg
 photo 5876F4C4-F799-41FD-92D9-EAE9927E9866.jpg

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