The illusive Swampy/Constantine ad

Young All-Stars #15 (August 1988)
…and Deathbolt Makes Three

You’d think I found buried treasure today. It was a real Indiana Jones finds the Ark of the Covenant type of moment for me.
 photo 59311257-5639-45AF-B508-5430F27FDAD1.jpg
After a few hours of hunting at my local comic shop, digging through DC back issues released in 1988, I finally have the Swamp Thing/Constantine ad that I’ve had such trouble finding.
 photo 8A149E54-12DA-46F1-9942-18D07E4D9845.jpg
The two Johns were hot on the trail. I did a little math and a bunch of research regarding when/where DC ads were being placed in ’88 in the hopes of pinpointing when this Swampy/Constantine ad would have been placed. After narrowing down a ballpark range of when these releases would be on the shelves, I tracked backwards. Long story short, I started in the “A” long boxes while, comics guru and Rainbow Comics manager John Nordstrom, started combing through the “Z” boxes. Luckily John came up with gold in The “Y” long boxes. I looked for an additional hour to find another instance of the ad but couldn’t find one. I was really hoping to take home two different comics with the same ad. The ad is for Swamp Thing #76 and Helblazer #9 as their stories intertwine. If anyone knows of any other DC releases from Aug. ’88 that features this ad, I’d love to hear from you.

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