Critics Choice Files: Finale

Critics Choice Focus On Swamp Thing (1987)
 photo F89511A2-D3CE-4934-89E1-EA820B2C7B2F.jpg

The third and final Swamp Thing focused book in the Critics Choice series features a whole bunch of Alan Moore content. Although, the book may have more images than Moore content. It’s loaded with reprinted material from his run as well as some of Wrightson’s work. Like the previous CC books, there are also a number of spelling errors.
 photo FF9BB72F-D0F3-4757-85EA-D4622FBB45B5.jpg
 photo DC604425-10E1-47C7-A60C-5F869F64D90C.jpg
 photo 2701DB5B-ECDD-4CAB-B84B-C687FAEB25E3.jpg
 photo 11A219BA-1E79-4156-A90F-9EAF0A48DFDF.jpg
poor Woodrue…

Swampy storms Gotham!
 photo 65B05D08-C189-4531-85DE-A61D0A9475DD.jpg

I love this illustration. It really was an all hands on deck process while Wrightson and Wein were hammering out the beginning of the first series.
 photo 0EA2C52C-2360-4138-8097-24ECF3C52E48.jpg

Hise writes an analysis of issues 51-64 of Moore’s second series run.
 photo 10F208AA-EBAC-482F-A9F2-D6E8829C3CC6.jpg

Swamp Thing #54
The Flowers of Romance
the b/w reprinted artwork below looks good but there are a number of instances where they tried using the colored images with a low level of contrast, making the images look very muddy and sometimes illegible.
 photo 63C741FB-229E-431E-B399-9BB310DF1FA1.jpg
 photo 35F61438-572E-4E3E-B62E-094DA9B935A9.jpg

Following in the Squishy Footsteps of Alan Moore
The article touches upon the post-Moore years; Annual #3 and issues #64-68
 photo 0660DCBC-87BF-4D62-95B0-CF8CFE90BC9D.jpg

Hise is not a fan of Swamp Thing Annual #3. He basically unloads on it.
 photo 9B8B98A1-3D09-4FF9-9B8C-2C994AECFBAC.jpg

He warms up to Veitch though, quite quickly.
 photo 1D73600E-63DF-4FE5-A1E3-F23167B7B2F4.jpg

 photo A28FF9CA-216A-49DE-8D63-94D5BA3DD2B9.jpg
Well said! This was such a great moment as Swamp Thing reaffirmed his place amongst the Parliament.

 photo 2293CDAD-DF37-4EF6-A01A-30290E0BF45C.jpg

Hise makes an abrupt uturn to further explore his displeasure with annual #3. He really digs into what he thinks are continuity issues. I can’t say that the bickering bothered me all that much. Abby/Swamp Thing may have shared their minds but that wouldn’t eliminate insecurities and the fact that Swamp Thing isn’t the greatest husband/father; torn between having a responsibility to his family and to the earth/Parliament. It’s a difficult job that he is constantly learning how to do. It wasn’t fair that Abby and Tefe were dragged into Swampy’s obligations and strife. A difficult life for all involved.
 photo 10058296-19DC-4638-A8CE-5CE42242A291.jpg

Constantine takes a jab at the Swamp Thing film. Another great moment, noted by Van Hise.
 photo C970FCEB-1FC3-4865-84A6-454782F8D3B8.jpg

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