Saga of the Swamp Thing 14 (Series 2)

The Saga of the Swamp Thing #14  (1983)
Crystal Visions, Shattered Dreams

 photo 19872DC3-AE7A-4D65-8BBC-450B60E71045.jpg
After the drawn out satanic/Karen story arc, writer Dan Mishkin takes the reigns for this two part story. Artists, Bo and Scott Hampton handle the artistic duties.
 photo 350BEB73-98DB-4B7E-A510-F44CCD5E4159.jpg

 photo 0248CD6C-58D2-4849-8B35-816A917368E9.jpg
Wealthy young scientist Nat Broder is taking the silicon chip technology field by storm but the technology will have the last laugh. While working on a cutting edge experiment, Nathaniel finds himself in trouble. Live by the silicone, die by the silicone is an old saying I’m sure someone says… somewhere.

Famous last words
 photo B152F1B4-F0CA-4BAD-9653-D69C88D0ECC5.jpg

Phantom Stranger drops by to stop Sally Broder from sharing Nathaniel’s fate.
 photo 79F2B37B-00B4-470E-858D-639239092C30.jpg

Last time we saw Swamp Thing, Liz, Kay and Barclay they were  back from Germany in the Louisiana swamps. Swampy is back to full health looking for some peace and quiet for once. But, as we’ve seen in previous issues, arcs and series, Swamp Thing can never find peace nor quiet.
 photo 563C6760-62EA-4F92-B396-E32A2445E635.jpg

 photo 5DFBD61A-F28D-4595-9346-316C9C227C33.jpg
After the botched silicone experiment, Broder’s men attempt to sweep the problem under the rug.
 photo 0BCD55C5-3E28-47A0-AC44-03E10CB1D45A.jpg
Broder in a barrel, Broder as a crystalline monster. He’s a biproduct of his botched experiment.
 photo E276F661-4F62-4F9D-87E1-767040E3AC12.jpg

Swampy encounters Broder who had been inadvertently dumped into the swamp by his cohorts.
 photo EAE5A468-0DAC-4CAA-A3F5-534ACEBD246C.jpg
 photo 3E85E3F6-13A2-41D1-8903-B5DC178EA72D.jpg

Broder blasts Swampy forcing him to retreat and regroup.
 photo 20F89CC2-C02F-4079-B9A6-348105C2363A.jpg

the silicone based toxic waste starts turning the swamp into a desert-like environment drying up the plants and turning the water into sand. Swamp Thing is able to evade the aggressive transition and in doing so, runs into Phantom Stranger. Although Phantom Stranger had numerous short stories in the back of previous Swamp Thing issues this is the first time they meet*.
 photo 249A9DF8-776F-452E-B797-3EA36ACAD5CD.jpg
 photo D02BBD69-3A7A-42C0-A099-18FE9AEAEC0C.jpg
*excludes the interaction with Swampy-like creatures in Phantom Stranger #14

While re-reading this issue, I couldn’t help to think about their recent encounter in Swamp Thing #1 (2016), the two images below. The staging and scenario are similar. I asked Kelley Jones about the similarities and am still waiting to hear his response. Regardless, it’s a pretty neat homage.
 photo BEE3AF3F-1010-4662-B53B-C11E03792777.jpg
 photo C247C4E2-8223-48A9-9815-A5C264E73F4E.jpg

Even after the initial violent attack, Swamp Thing tries to connect with Broder once more, realizing that he had gone through a similar, painful transition.
 photo 6DEB67FF-572A-4771-A8A0-387F71DC3DC9.jpg

 photo FB24ED3F-0BEB-4FE7-9993-EE864CE40564.jpg
Swampy quickly realizes that Broder has lost his marbles and is hell bent on power.
 photo 2CF9BD12-1BFE-4A42-9ACF-50FC5C4C1CE6.jpg

In the midst of the climactic scuffle, Broder puts Swamp Thing in a bear hug turning him into a paralyzed crystal form.
 photo F4B6620A-5BBE-4D80-864F-46E82AD98B84.jpg
 photo EAC36875-C50F-4482-9A80-67D5382B432A.jpg

 photo 2371F09E-18C0-4921-9576-969AC8E3221B.jpg
Ha… is he a mineral?

Letters Page
The letters page sheds some light on Pasko and Yeates departure from the series. It echoes Bissette’s sentiments from an interview he took part in for Critic’s Choice Files book #2 Green Mansions
 photo BAD4BEAE-D47B-428E-9356-73992DE89775.jpg
 photo FFF08677-DBAB-4D9B-80E5-93129D09582A.jpg

The letters page also mentions the great team of Bissette and Totleben along with the future with Swamp Thing.
 photo 82D3E817-A55E-401F-9EDB-6D3E7E9085D2.jpg

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