Supercomic Los Temerarios

Supercomic (1984)
Los Temerarios

This great, pocket-sized Mexican edition was published by Editorial Novaro. It features Challengers of the Unknown #84 To Save a Monster/When Deadmen Walk, originally printed in 1978.
 photo FE492071-D3DA-4A74-9AFF-7053720FCA2D.jpg
I believe Los Temerarios translates to The Reckless. For a refresher on this Challengers #84 see my previous post here.
 photo CB0CAB7D-27CD-46C4-8CC6-BF184A59C90C.jpg
 photo B6AA365B-A50E-4E24-94C1-464F3B0F4F0E.jpg
 photo C0B9EFDB-3485-40B0-AC3E-D95227E26705.jpg
 photo 9ECFACD0-2F24-4A20-BD28-203C115A5FB6.jpg
 photo FE07659F-BE48-44DB-A60A-D48CC69A7297.jpg
 photo 70A02C93-9814-47AA-9DDD-C9DAAD3B7E23_1.jpg

The book also features Superboy #65 The Super-Weakling from Space
 photo E255BCDF-3B55-4955-89A6-B7EDFABB8FDC_1.jpg

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