A Swampy Christmas Word Search

Limited Collectors’ Edition: Christmas with the Super-Heroes
DC Treasury Edition (1975)
 photo AE52C0B3-C960-43AA-A9A0-2911D41DE37D.jpg

Here’s a perfect example of what sleepless nights filled with Swamp Thing research will getcha if you work hard enough. This may be the only instance of Swamp Thing in a word search; it certainly is the first.

Santa’s Scrambler Super-List
Thank you Bob Rozakis for including Swamp Thing!
 photo C0BF5DB4-3D30-4366-A116-291CCD0A11F3.jpg
 photo 56E0B5D4-C5B1-4B59-8818-3A8BAA4434FA.jpg

Incase you can’t find ‘ol Swampy, the answers are in the back of the book.
 photo C922B769-A1CE-4FD3-ADE4-BE0162EBBB0A.jpg

Christmas with the Super-Heroes features Superman and Wonder Woman related Christmas stories, Batman Silent Night of the Batman, House of Mystery Night Prowler, The Sandman Santa Fronts for the Mob, a Christmas greeting from the super-heroes, a carol sing-a-long, Santa’s scrambled super-list and much, much more.
 photo 81B3E4CB-FE19-4F39-BBC0-A7533184507F.jpg

“Superman goes to the North Pole to give Santa a hand”
 photo 514650E3-B093-4008-AF55-284B87931101.jpg

Batman Silent Night of the Batman
 photo D1239D6E-01BF-4A9B-B932-67150FABD5DC.jpg

House of Mystery Night Prowler by the greats, Len Wein and Berni Wrightson
 photo EE3E9E5F-8DF9-4C90-B3CD-8ED75641D5A9.jpg
 photo 47F90C1D-07BE-4469-8299-4E9C1AA1B830.jpg

“Wonder Woman battles some Nazi no-goodniks to bring about a merry Christmas during World War II”
 photo 38D48838-CF89-4178-B79E-EB22B2F50BB9.jpg

The Sandman in Santa Fronts for the Mob
 photo 2198DE0B-4B47-4DCD-9EF7-1D70352911ED.jpg

Sing Along with the Super-Heroes
in case you forgot the lyrics, DC’s Super-Heroes have provided the lyrics
 photo 04962B50-8281-42BC-B8FE-BFD97E1F2FC1.jpg

back cover
 photo 85D52AA0-ED62-456F-8FBC-2A13E54E689D.jpg

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