An Oversized Helping of DC’s Best

Limited Collectors’ Edition presents #C-52 (1977)
The Best of DC Volume 1

If you’re a frequent visitor to this site, you know that I enjoy obscure ads and articles relating to Swamp Thing. Any little Swampy sighting excites me. This large edition features a Swamp Thing sighting and I was very excited to pick it up today along with the previously posted Swampy word search.
 photo 74BA8E6D-A67B-4FA9-BCD0-EC7C64D620E9.jpg
The wrap-around cover features some terrific Neal Adams artwork.
 photo 054DF53F-96E0-43D6-B419-46D3817070D2.jpg

The book collects a number of great (best of, as the title indicates) DC stories. The art work is spectacular, of course. Oh, and here is that little Swamp Thing sighting. I wish they had published a Volume 2, featuring the pictured Swamp Thing #9 The Stalker From Beyond (1974).
 photo 518BA807-B544-4FA8-B19B-514353F267AB.jpg
Below is a list of the stories that are reprinted.

Batman #237 Night of the Reaper (1971)
 photo 31092AE5-57E7-4AEC-A7E0-51C0F41242B9.jpg

House of Mystery #201 The Demon Within (1951)
 photo B0D82188-A6D7-41B1-8095-364C4229F74B.jpg

The Flash #148 The Doorway to the Unknown (1964)
 photo 58E9E408-18F6-4A08-85E3-F2EC129A7B71.jpg

Our Army At War #241 Dirty Job (1972)
 photo 2511402B-3FEC-4A90-94FA-E65570B4344E.jpg

Tomahawk #136 (1971)
Night…a star-studded sky tints the deep arroyos and broad mesas below…

 photo 1F0770DE-4FB1-4500-BBCD-7E47CA28F861.jpg

Superman #156 (1962)
The Last Days of Superman!
Part 1: Superman’s Death Sentence!
Part 2: The Super-Comrades of All-Time!
Part 3: Superman’s Last Day of Life!
 photo E85F9BA9-B333-4484-82FA-FA08F046B39B.jpg
 photo F2F4FDC8-5DA7-43C6-9249-BB8F140A328C.jpg

The inside back cover features the Swamp Thing comic pictured at the beginning of this post. I know it’s a small and seemingly insignificant Swampy sighting but the book is well worth it, as you can see from its content and collected stories.
 photo B0E0DEFA-44A7-4896-93FA-F3058568E264.jpg

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