The Comics Journal 82

The Comics Journal 82 (1983)

 photo 319F0134-29B5-4901-B8A7-ED1A3046CAB8.jpg
The main focus of this issue of The Comics Journal is Dave and Deni Sim but of course I am only fixated upon the Swamp Thing related content.

This gaunt, knock-kneed Swamp Thing illustration by Fred Hembeck was the reason why I picked up this book. Fellow Swamp Thing fan, Jeff Gauntt brought the letters page illustration to my attention. Thanks Jeff!
 photo 362CEAF9-44CB-44FE-BAB0-22A9F2438E92.jpg

Now that the important stuff is out of the way (har-har), the book features some great articles and news from the time.
 photo 5A1C8BF1-DB58-4479-86A4-33DF38289B98.jpg

the premature Jedi, the great spoiler of ’83.
 photo 495B7C10-3941-4F26-A2B1-F89F9F6FDF2D.jpg

DC delays and setbacks
 photo F4EAD852-D722-45E4-8D53-9C2EDA6F9911.jpg

The article mentions Saga of the Swamp Thing #18 being pushed back a month.
 photo 10184D02-937A-4C72-B210-D781D61FD8E3.jpg

Badger’s advertising tactics were genius.
 photo 04304CD9-1C04-4E2F-A813-D65072789C00.jpg

The letters column features some great strips.
 photo 8AC0730A-FD68-49BD-A894-E7A360669CB0.jpg

 photo 3709B32B-91EB-47CD-8728-4E88A5D4EB05.jpg

The feature article, Dave & Deni Sim: A talk with the famous aardvark artist (and his lovely publisher, too)
 photo F4C482C6-8C8F-4624-9830-EBAFDF0A36B9.jpg

This strip, more so, this character throwing up had me in stitches.
 photo 41B21E81-B299-4EB1-8ADA-C6E10B393855.jpg

 photo F024A273-F8D5-4923-A1FE-D1946902EAD6.jpg


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