The Comics Journal 82

The Comics Journal 82 (1983)

The main focus of this issue of The Comics Journal is Dave and Deni Sim but of course I am only fixated upon the Swamp Thing related content.

This gaunt, knock-kneed Swamp Thing illustration by Fred Hembeck was the reason why I picked up this book. Fellow Swamp Thing fan, Jeff Gauntt brought the letters page illustration to my attention. Thanks Jeff!

Now that the important stuff is out of the way (har-har), the book features some great articles and news from the time.
the premature Jedi, the great spoiler of ’83.

DC delays and setbacks

The article mentions Saga of the Swamp Thing #18 being pushed back a month.

Badger’s advertising tactics were genius.
04304CD9-1C04-4E2F-A813-D65072789C00 (1).JPG

The letters column features some great strips.
8AC0730A-FD68-49BD-A894-E7A360669CB0 (1).JPG

The feature article, Dave & Deni Sim: A talk with the famous aardvark artist (and his lovely publisher, too)

This strip, more so, this character throwing up had me in stitches.
41B21E81-B299-4EB1-8ADA-C6E10B393855 (1)


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