Spectral #3 French Edition

Spectral #3 – Avec La Creature du Marais (1985)
La Creature de Cristal

This French, pocket-sized edition reprints the two part story featuring Nat and Sally Broder, Phantom Stranger and Swamp Thing. Like Swamp Thing, Nat was transformed into a monster after a lab explosion. After Nat’s accident, he tries to use his new found powers to control the world. For more information on the two issue story arc, see my previous posts: ST #14, ST #15.

Besides the wonderful black and white reprints these non-US editions offer, I love the reconfigured page layouts. Above is a great example of new artwork added to a reprint so the layout works within the new format. In the original issue, the bottom panel doesn’t display Swamp Thing’s full face. An artist drew the rest of his face for this edition giving us a pretty good idea of how exceptional Swamp Thing’s dental plan is.


The book also features various reprinted horror stories. The artwork is phenomenal.

Back cover: Untitled


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