Buyer’s Guide #152

The Buyer’s Guide for Comic Fandom #152 October, 15 1976

 photo image.jpeg
This issue of the Buyer’s Guide features a really cool Batman cover. Sadly, I’m not quite sure who B. Murphy is. The paper also contains an extremely small Swamp Thing parody within a comic strip.

Konvention Kapers
starring Clark the Collector, Oyeah and Ajax.
 photo image_2.jpeg
Oddly enough, it didn’t take long to find the Swamp Thing book in this massive pile of books. I love rummaging through books, searching for Swampy appearances and Buyer’s Guides have plenty of content to look through. This may be one of the smallest references I’ve come across.
 photo image_3.jpeg
 photo image_6.jpeg

Within an ad for The National Caroonists Society Portfolio is a killer Sergeant Rock drawing by Kubert.
 photo image_1.jpeg

This issue also feature a very entertaining battle between characters reminiscent of Superman and Thor. Superman takes a hammer to the kisser.
 photo image_5.jpeg

Thor’s hammer transforms into a candy cane and stupidly, Superman eats it…
 photo image_4.jpeg


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