Buyer’s Guide 184

The Buyer’s Guide for Comic Fandom #184 May, 27 1977

While doing some Swampy research this evening I came across this great Buyer’s Guide cover by Will Blyberg and Paul Corrigan (I think it’s Paul Corrigan). It features an amazing, detailed depiction of Thor and Galactus.
 photo image_3.jpeg
 photo image_4.jpeg

The book also contains a fun homage to Swamp Thing in the form of Barnyard Bog, within Clark the Collector and the No-Luck Duck
 photo image_1.jpeg

The panel loosely resembles Swamp Thing #1 (series 1). This paper was released about eight months after Swamp Thing series 1 was canceled.
 photo image_2.jpeg

Although the Swamp Thing title dropped the comics code during the Saga series, it’s fun that this comic strip featured an “unapproved” comics code logo.
 photo image_5.jpeg


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