Starlog 51

Starlog Magazine 51 (1981)

 photo image.jpeg

While digging through books for Swamp Thing parody strips and articles referencing the current state of my muck-encrusted Swamp friend, I like finding mentions within larger bodies of text/articles. For instance, Swamp Thing is mentioned in this interesting article focused on the first Batman movie, which in 1981 was in the early stages of development.
 photo image_2.jpeg
There are some interesting quotes from Adam West, who mentions that he is interested in playing the role of Batman but as a more serious character

Below is the brief mention of the upcoming Swamp Thing film. If it’s a DC movie and Michael Uslan’s name isn’t attached, there maybe a problem with the balance of the universe. He is all over every movie DC puts out. I don’t believe a Batman film has been talked about without his involvement.
 photo image_3.jpeg

I believe I’ve posted an image of this ad in the past and I still hold onto the hopes that I will find this jacket, today, and wear it in all of its glory!
 photo image_1.jpeg


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