Starlog 51

Starlog Magazine 51 (1981)


While digging through books for Swamp Thing parody strips and articles referencing the current state of my muck-encrusted Swamp friend, I like finding mentions within larger bodies of text/articles. For instance, Swamp Thing is mentioned in this interesting article focused on the first Batman movie, which in 1981 was in the early stages of development.
There are some interesting quotes from Adam West, who mentions that he is interested in playing the role of Batman but as a more serious character

Below is the brief mention of the upcoming Swamp Thing film. If it’s a DC movie and Michael Uslan’s name isn’t attached, there maybe a problem with the balance of the universe. He is all over every movie DC puts out. I don’t believe a Batman film has been talked about without his involvement.

I believe I’ve posted an image of this ad in the past and I still hold onto the hopes that I will find this jacket, today, and wear it in all of its glory!

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