DC Comics Icons Swamp Thing Dark Genesis Figure

He’s green, he’s slender, he looks kind of like Arcane…
he’s the new DC Icons figure slated to be released in September of 2016.

The design is said to be based on Swamp Thing #1 Dark Genesis. Since Swamp Thing is slouched over in most of the book, it is difficult to make out the influences/inspiration in this figure. There is only one panel in the whole book that depicts Swamp Thing standing upright/straight. I’ve provided a side-by-side to reference, below.
full body (1).JPG

The head is painted and sculpted quite well while the body looks a bit slender. There are many positive things about the figure.
ST head (1)

The design is subject to change and I am quite excited to see the finished product. I’m always thrilled to see Swamp Thing in action figure form.

The figure stands 6.25″ tall, has 25 points of articulation, comes with 2 sets of interchangeable hands and includes a Cranius figure. I’m not sure why additional hands would be included if there aren’t any accessories/tools for the figure to interact with. I could do without the extra hands if they’d put a little more meat on his bones.

Cranius looks better than ever! He also looks a lot like actor, Peter Mark Richman who played Falco in episode 11 of the Swamp Thing TV series. The episode Falco aired November 9, 1990.

2 thoughts on “DC Comics Icons Swamp Thing Dark Genesis Figure

  1. hey bud
    if this design is indeed subject to change, I hope they show it to Bernie, or at least Len, so they can help fix it. I’ve been waiting a long time for a figure based on Wrightson’s artwork and this naked Killer Croc just doesn’t cut it. that being said, i’ll still buy it just to put another Crainius on the shelf.

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