Trufan Adventures Theater #1

ufan Adventures Theater #1 (1985)

Ward Batty and artists Charlie Williams, Jim Chadwick, and Alan Hutchinson pack this first issue with enough parody to kill a miniature elephant… maybe.

The interior cover introduces the new book.

There are actually a number of entertaining strips in the book. This Star Trek spoof featuring the Pilsbury Dough Boy is fun.

Swamp Thing is featured in this segment of What If…? Super-Heroes did Product Endorsement!

Poor Galactus, biting off more planet than he can chew.
image_6 (1)

Vigoro is a fertilizer. I’m assuming Vigaro is similar.
…Swamp Thing parodies are the best

Superman should be proud to represent peanut butter. It’s a delicious food; one of my favorites.

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