Trufan Adventures Theater #1

Trufan Adventures Theater #1 (1985)

Ward Batty and artists Charlie Williams, Jim Chadwick, and Alan Hutchinson pack this first issue with enough parody to kill a miniature elephant… maybe.
 photo image_1.jpeg

The interior cover introduces the new book.
 photo image_2.jpeg

There are actually a number of entertaining strips in the book. This Star Trek spoof featuring the Pilsbury Dough Boy is fun.
 photo image.jpeg

Swamp Thing is featured in this segment of What If…? Super-Heroes did Product Endorsement!
 photo image_4.jpeg

Poor Galactus, biting off more planet than he can chew.
 photo image_6.jpeg

Vigoro is a fertilizer. I’m assuming Vigaro is similar.
…Swamp Thing parodies are the best
 photo image_5.jpeg

Superman should be proud to represent peanut butter. It’s a delicious food; one of my favorites.
 photo image_3.jpeg


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