Trufan Adventures Theater #2

Trufan Adventures Theater #2 (1986)

There’s so much goofiness in the comics world that Trufan needed a second issue. The second and last issue features another Swamp Thing parody. This one, less funny than the other. I know, it’s hard to believe. Batty and Williams announce that this issue is the books last and will be changing titles to Boffo Yocks. The title Boffo Yocks was later changed to Boffo Laffs before the first issue went to print.

Moore and Hernandez deserve a spoof more fitting than this.
Oh well, whatcha gunna do?

I’d have to do a little digging but the illustrations of Swamp Thing and Abby look as if they were copied straight from a ST book. The poses look familiar.
image_5 (1)

The highlght of the book would have to be Fun in the Third Dimension. Go get your 3D goggles And enjoy the first page of the strip.

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