Comics Scene 4

Comics Scene 4 (1988)

This article had some interesting tidbits about Return of Swamp Things as well as the original film. Michael Uslan mentions that, “the film is definitely along the lines of the Alan Moore- Steve Bissette-John Totleben interpretation of Swamp Thing”. Regarding the original Swampy movie, Uslan goes on to say that Avco Embassy (the production company that released the movie) was restructuring during the release of the film and no longer supported science fiction/horror films and pulled all support from Swamp Thing. “That movie was on its way to being a sizable success when they pulled the plug”. “It was very successful on cable. Kids picked up on the movie and were watching it four to five times a month. Then, the film finally went into independent syndication.” “Both HBO and Showtime had approached us about doing either a Swamp Thing movie for cable or a series.”
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