House of Mystery 228

House of Mystery 228 (1973)

The book features a collection of reprinted House of Mystery stories. It also includes comic strips, a word puzzle, Halloween cards; it’s got all sorts of stuff. They included fun HOM stories. below are some of my favorites

The highlight of this issue is the Swamp Thing Halloween card. I’ll get to those a little later.
IMG_8779 (1)

The preface is illustrated by Alfredo Alcala who, as you know, eventually went on to work on Swamp Thing.

The Wisdom of Many, The Wit of One
by Douglas Moench and Frank Robbins

Stamps of Doom!
by Ruben Moreira

The Rebel
by Maxene Fabe, Alan Kupperberg and Neal Adams

Cain’s True Case Files
The Man Who Murdered Himself!
by Otto Binder & Berni Wrightson

Wrightson is so great. the details in his background are always my favorite

sure, he could be called that as well

The Halloween monster cards are a little nuts. They didn’t include a tear-out sheet but they did leave a couple blanks for you to draw on. The examples work as ads while the blanks are where you can come up with your own goofy pun and include your favorite character. The 100 page, 60 cent, Halloween special may not have left room for frills. Another page makes mention of a free mystical amulet but it was never included in the release. The explanation isn’t quite clear but the offer is played off as a joke.

“We’re rooting for you”, that’s rich!
IMG_8779 (1).JPG

A Coffin for Bonnie andClyde!
by Robert Kanigher and Jack Sparling

boy, that Duke sure is versatile.

Danger! EnDANGERed Animals ahead, by Revell
IMG_8781 (1)

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