Megaton Parody

Megaton Man #6 (1985)

Megaton Man, errrr… I mean Trent Phloog is dashing and darting all over town to meet his tv script deadline along with his duties as a superhero.

Assassins attempt to take out Megaton Man in multiple ways. His straw-stuffed, stand-in, dummy  takes a rocket to the chest leading his co-workers to believe that Trent Phloog has been murdered.

The drug smuggling cargo plane transporting the coffin is being followed by the coast guard. The transporters stash the stolen foliage formula in the straw dummy and throw it from the plane.

The dummy touches down in the Florida Everglades and the Swamp Thing parody origin story is set into motion.

Like many early Swamp Thing books, at the end, Swamp Thing walks off into the swampy sunset.

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