CBG 741

Comics Buyer’s Guide 741 – Jabuary 29, 1988

 photo image_1.jpeg

The happenings bringing ’89 to an end
 photo image_2.jpeg

The paper features a strip celebrating noteworthy titles of ’87
 photo image.jpeg

I’m a big fan of Concrete. It’s fun to see him listed next to Swampy.
 photo image_3.jpeg

Extreme close-up!
 photo image_7.jpeg

Like many CBGs of the time, it features their Swamp Thing contest
 photo image_9.jpeg

The promo would have been really fun to win.
 photo image_10.jpeg

Another Superman/peanut butter strip. What’s the story with Superman and peanut butter? I remember there being a Superman branded peanut butter at one time. Trufan Adventures Theater #1 also features a parody strip of Superman. He hawks peanut butter and isn’t happy about it. You’ll never read more about peanut and superman than you you will right here, at rootsoftheswampthing.com
 photo image_5.jpeg

The double page ads make for great posters.
 photo image_6.jpeg
 photo image_4.jpeg

Superboy’s eyes slowly drift further apart
 photo image_8.jpeg

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