Amazing Heroes 138

Amazing Heroes 138 (1988)

The second annual, 1988 swimsuit issue is on hand and I’m excited to share a number of illustrations. In spite of the cover, I think you’ll be pleased with some of the great work.
Speaking of the cover, did the young woman, down front, fall on a newspaper?

The Amazing Readers section of the book features a great Swamp Thing illustration.
It looks like some sort of bio-mechanical eyeball is scoping him out.

Unfortunately Swamp Thing isn’t mentioned by any of the writers but an image is good enough for me.

Some of the summaries are quite entertaining.
Swamp Thing and a soap opera reference…

Below are some of my favorite illustrations from the book.
Trina Robbins’ The California Girls Take the Neighborhood Kids to the Beach… features some fun characters!
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Amazing Heroes 132

Amazing Heroes 132 (1988)

This issue of Amazing Heroes features a few really great Swamp Thing related pieces.

Swamp Thing sighting! Guru and purveyor of all thing comics related, John Nordstrom brought this book to my attention and had a copy to spare. I love this take on Swampy by Frank Bella and Mel Smith. I’d like to think he’s using that massive branch as a back scratcher but I can’t be sure. It’s always fun to stumble upon illustrations of Swamp Thing, read the whole book and find even more Swamp Thing treasures/information.

Coming Distractions! provides an interesting preview of Swamp Thing 71

The Amazing Readers forum contains some great letters from fans. This article discusses DC cities and their locations. Ironically enough, a friend and I were discussing this very topic yesterday morning.
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Justice League: Playing Cards & Chips

Justice League: Playing Cards & Chips (2015)

DC seemed to halfheartedly release a poker set featuring members of the Justice League. I remember seeing the card set advertised in preview magazines and websites but it quickly dropped out of sight. I’m not sure why and upon sharing it with other comics fans, they didn’t know it existed. The set is illustrated by the great Kevin Nowlan.

The 52 card deck is made up of multiple characters. Most of the characters are represented on 4 cards showing the process of Kevin Nowlan. I find his sketch phase cards to be the most intriguing.

DC was kind enough to include Swamp Thing! All of the other characters get four cards, Swamp Thing oddly enough only got one card. One is better than none.


Crash 56

Crash 56 (1988)

The UK computer and gaming magazine contains a great deal of content that I’m not terribly concerned with except for the On The Screen column. The gallery of computer generated illustrations features Swamp Thing deep in thought.

The other illustrations are quite impressive as well.

Thank you Mark Beech!

Ark 30

Ark 30 (1989)

The U.K. comics magazine contains some great material and this issue in particular features a Swamp Thing illustration by the great, Dave McKean.

Within the Portfolio section of the magazine, I was pleasantly surprised to read that McKean’s first work for DC was of Swamp Thing. The illustration was never used but I love his depiction of Swampy emerging from a tree.

McKean has illustrated Swamp Thing before in books like Black Orchid but it would be cool to see him have a go of Swamp today.

Buyer’s Guide 441

The Buyer’s Guide for Comic Fandom 441 (1982)

Nick Fury and Scorpio take center stage on the cover of this Buyer’s Guide from 1982.

Swamp Thing makes the Fit to Print section.

Saga 4
In the White Room

Pandora Pann was originally slated to be released in the back of Saga of the Swamp Thing 5 but was put on indefinite hiatus afree Len Wein was unable to devote time to the project.

Even I had forgotten about Pandora Pann. The answer is that Ross Andru penciled most of a terrific-looking 15 page insert to be included in Swamp Thing, before going off into her own book. But for reasons sadly lost to history (meaning, for the life of me, I can no longer remember why), we never went ahead with the series. A shame too, since it would have preceded things like Tomb Raider and Relic Hunter by decades. And there you have another Secret Behind the Comics.
– Len Wein
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Kenner Spring ’92 Toy Fair Catalog

Kenner Spring ’92 Toy Fair Catalog


I’m extremely happy to have received this book in the mail yesterday. I’ve been trying to track down these four unreleased Swamp Thing figures for some time now and it feels like I’m one step closer to them. Kenner’s Spring catalog features a full page spread of the 1992, second wave Swamp Thing action figures. The short lived cartoon didn’t help in getting these figures in stores and the line was eventually canceled. I’ve seen an Alligator Swamp Thing figure floating around the internet but have yet to see any of the other 3 unreleased figures. I’ve contacted Kenner, been in contact with designers that worked for Kenner in the 90s (around the time these were produced) but have yet to track down one of the figures.
Nine Swampy figures are featured in book. Five out of the nine figures made it to stores. Below are the four, illusive, unreleased figures.

Constricting Swamp Thing
He has sticks for weapons, his feet look like coiled poop and the Bio-Glow Swamp Thing figure body was reused for this brown beauty

Intended to be one of Arcane’s Un-Men, the character never appeared in the cartoon and never made it to stores. The body was later used in the RoboCop Ultra Police toy line with the same name. The weapon was reused and paired with Claw Callahan, another figure in the RoboCop Ultra Police line

Alligator Swamp Thing
this is the only figure of the four that I’ve seen, outside of toy catalogs.  The gun-like wooden accessory seems like an afterthought.

The design was eventually re-purposed for the limited GI Joe toy line, Manimals; pictured below on the left. The Swamp Thing figure, in alligator from, can be seen on the right.

Defoliator Arcane
Like the other unreleased ST villains, the body and weapons were reused for the RoboCop Ultra Police toy line. This particular figure was reused as the Toxic Waster Vandals RoboCop figure.
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