Kitbuilders 59

Kitbuilders Magazine 59 (2008)

All the models and sculpts in this magazine are beautiful. This issue of Kitbuilders features an amazing Swamp Thing model by Henning Doose.

I’ve seen images of this sculpture for a while, not realizing it was a model kit until Swampy friend, Renauld brought this article to my attention. The model is inspired by Eric Powell’s, Swamp Thing 24 (series 4) cover.

The article is a bit clunky and writer, Daniel Jorgensen describes the painting process.

Below are some great detail photos from the article

Another featured kit that caught my eye was this Plastic Man by Rockin’ Rio Productions, sculpted by Alex Moraes

The $140 price tag is a bit too rich for my blood and I’m not sure if there are any kit’s still available but I’d eventually like to put one together.

Swampy is really working for his paycheck; the model even makes its way on the Kitbuilders subscription page.

I love the film Fiend Without a Face and would love to get a hold of this model as well.

Back cover:

One thought on “Kitbuilders 59

  1. This looks like a pretty awesome (and kinda scary) model, but if I tried to assemble and paint this it would look so, so, so bad. I know you’re pretty arty though – you should give it a go and show us the results!

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