Kitbuilders 59

Kitbuilders Magazine 59 (2008)
 photo image_3.jpeg

All the models and sculpts in this magazine are beautiful. This issue of Kitbuilders features an amazing Swamp Thing model by Henning Doose.
 photo image_2.jpeg

I’ve seen images of this sculpture for a while not realizing it was a model kit until Swampy friend Renauld brought this article to my attention. The model is inspired by Eric Powell’s, Swamp Thing 24 (series 4) cover.
 photo image.jpeg

The article is a bit clunky and writer, Daniel Jorgensen describes the painting process.
 photo image_5.jpeg

Below are some great detail photos from the article
 photo image_1.jpeg
 photo image_4.jpeg
 photo image_8.jpeg

Another featured kit that caught my eye was this Plastic Man by Rockin’ Rio Productions, sculpted by Alex
 photo image_10.jpeg

The $140 price tag is a bit too rich for my blood and I’m not sure if their are any kit’s still available but I’d eventually like to put one together.
 photo image_9.jpeg

I love the film Fiend Without a Face and would love to get a hold of this model as well.
 photo image_12.jpeg

Back cover:
 photo image_13.jpeg


One thought on “Kitbuilders 59

  1. This looks like a pretty awesome (and kinda scary) model, but if I tried to assemble and paint this it would look so, so, so bad. I know you’re pretty arty though – you should give it a go and show us the results!

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