Buyer’s Guide 90

The Buyer’s Guide for Comic Fandom 90 August, 8 1975

I mentioned in a previous post, I received 5 Buyer’s Guide papers from 1975 in the mail last week. Here is another great issue featuring Swamp Thing on the cover.

A very focused Swamp Thing by Alan Hanley. He is so determined he’s got his tongue sticking out. Conan looks on in suspicion.

This issue also features some really great illustrations and ads. Illustrator, Bot Roda created the amazing artwork for the Lancaster Comic Art Convention.

credit isn’t given to the artist who drew Shazam for Sgt. Jim Mendelson’s ad but it’s fantastic. Maybe the Sarge did it himself.

This Palm Beach Con is pretty great!

Last but not least, this ad caught my eye. I don’t have this book yet but it features some great interviews and illustrations by Wrightson. The list provided in the ad gives you the rundown of the book. It’s full of great material.

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