Comics Interview, Alan Moore interview

David Anthony Kraft’s Comics Interview 12 (1984)

This issue of Comics Interview features a lengthy chat with Alan Moore. He discusses his many works and upcoming projects. There’s some fun answers involving Swampy. At the time this article was published, Bissette and Totleben were working with Moore. Saga of the Swamp Thing #25 would have been in stores.
 photo image_3.jpeg

 photo image.jpeg

The image deserves a caption contest. It looks like Moore is singing in the back of a van
 photo image_2.jpeg
“I’m trying in my own way to put the mystique back into superheroes”

Moore spends a decent amount of time discussing Marvel Man and V.
 photo image_1.jpeg
 photo image_16.jpeg
 photo image_4.jpeg
“The main thing I wanted to understand was the character himself. I wanted a credible scientific explanation for the Swamp Thing”

Moore mentions his favorite Swamp Thing book is Anatomy Lesson 
 photo image_5.jpeg

He gives a brief glimpse into the upcoming Nuke Face Papers storyline.
 photo image_7.jpeg

Moore presents a great recap and explanation regarding his story choices.
 photo image_6.jpeg
 photo image_11.jpeg

This is the Place by Alan Moore with Bissette and Totleben on visuals. The poem, below, has been published numerous times in various books but first appeared in Swamp Thing 28 (1984) and later in DC Sampler 2 in the same month.

 photo image_9.jpeg
 photo image_17.jpeg

The page features my favorite Swamp Thng logo
 photo image_12.jpeg

 photo image_13.jpeg

Go Dogs! An awesome Jack Davis illustration for UGA
 photo image_14.jpeg

A dynamic and daring Captain Carrot caper
 photo image_15.jpeg


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