Amazing Heroes 132

Amazing Heroes 132 (1988)

This issue of Amazing Heroes features a few really great Swamp Thing related pieces.
 photo image.jpeg

Swamp Thing sighting! Guru and purveyor of all thing comics related, John Nordstrom brought this book to my attention and had a copy to spare. I love this take on Swampy by Frank Bella and Mel Smith. I’d like to think he’s using that massive branch as a back scratcher but I can’t be sure. It’s always fun to stumble upon illustrations of Swamp Thing, read the whole book and find even more Swamp Thing treasures/information.
 photo image_14.jpeg

Coming Distractions! provides an interesting preview of Swamp Thing 71
 photo image_1.jpeg

The Amazing Readers forum contains some great letters from fans. This article discusses DC cities and their locations. Ironically enough, a friend and I were discussing this very topic yesterday morning.
 photo image_2.jpeg
 photo image_3.jpeg
 photo image_4.jpeg
 photo image_5.jpeg
 photo image_6.jpeg

Michael Eury’s Video Views column spotlights Berni Wrightson and his work on Frankenstein. Of course, Swampy gets brought up.
 photo image_7.jpeg
 photo image_10.jpeg
 photo image_8.jpeg

I love this bit regarding Swamp Thing 7 (series 1).
 photo image_9.jpeg
 photo image_11.jpeg

I was quite surprised to see this great drawing of Brother Power The Geek. Fans familiar with Chester Willams (Swamp Thing series 2) should remember the storyline pertaining to Brother Power. I’ll write more about this as I continue to re-read the chronology.
 photo image_12.jpeg

Who doesn’t love Darkseid?
 photo image_13.jpeg


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