Amazing Heroes 138

Amazing Heroes 138 (1988)

The second annual, 1988 swimsuit issue is on hand and I’m excited to share a number of illustrations. In spite of the cover, I think you’ll be pleased with some of the great work.
 photo image_2.jpeg
Speaking of the cover, did the young woman, down front, fall on a newspaper?

 photo image.jpeg
The Amazing Readers section of the book features a great Swamp Thing illustration.
 photo image_1.jpeg
It looks like some sort of bio-mechanical eyeball is scoping him out.

Unfortunately Swamp Thing isn’t mentioned by any of the writers but an image is good enough for me.
 photo image_5.jpeg

Some of the summaries are quite entertaining.
Swamp Thing and a soap opera reference…
 photo image_3.jpeg

Below are some of my favorite illustrations from the book.
Trina Robbins’ The California Girls Take the Neighborhood Kids to the Beach… features some fun characters!
 photo image_6.jpeg

 photo image_10.jpeg
 photo image_9.jpeg

Lela Dowling’s Weasel Patrol
this reminds me of the scene in Caddyshack, when the caddy’s storm the pool.
 photo image_8.jpeg

Paul Chadwick’s Concrete… at the beach.
 photo image_7.jpeg

 photo image_11.jpeg

Ted McKeever’s Eddy Current
Ark Magazine #30, contains a feature article on McKeever.
 photo image_12.jpeg

Ty Templeton can draw one hell of a…
 photo image_13.jpeg

rubber duck
 photo image_14.jpeg

This really cracked me up…
 photo image_19.jpeg

Neil the horse!
 photo image_15.jpeg

and a scared little clam
 photo image_18.jpeg
 photo image_17.jpeg


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