Cerebus 107

Cerebus 107 (1988)
Walking on the Moon

Been wondering what happened to Fred and Ethel? Well, this issue of Cerebus fills us in on where the conjoined Swamp Thing/Man Thing lovers have gone to.

Did you forget or don’t have a clue who Fred and Ethel are? Here are some other appearances I posted a little while back.
Cerebus 25
Cerebus 82
Cerebus 105 & 106


Another beautiful, surreal book by Sim and Gerhard.

Fred and Ethel: The Conclusion
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Who’s Who 1

Who’s Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe, Volume 1 (1985)

The first issue of DC’s Who’s Who features a bio for Anton Arcane. The bio, of course, mentions his arch nemesis, Swamp Thing.

It looks like Anton and Abel are enjoying a moment together.

I’m glad they didn’t name the series, Whodunnit! Or, Who’s Who’s, How’s and Whys

Wolfman and Wein break it down…

Anton Arcane; one of DC’s nasties villains and the bane of Swamp Thing’s existence.

It’s too bad the print quality and registration is so poor. The info within many of the character profiles are difficult to read.
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DC Blue Ribbon Digest 35

DC Blue Ribbon Digest 35 (1983)
Years Best Comics Stories


This issue of the Blue Ribbon Digest features the best comics from 1982. Swamp Thing made the cut along with other notable characters.

The wrap around cover by Ed Hannigan and Dick Giordano features some great characters

The table of contents lists the winners.

Swamp Thing 4
In the White Room
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Kerry Callen’s Directory to a Nonexistent Universe

Kerry Callen’s Directory to a Nonexistent Universe 1 (1987)

I was swamped with prepping for SiouxperCon the past few weeks resulting in less posts than normal. Along with the event, I’ve been working on the international Swamp Thing fanzine. The zine has been slow going with submissions rolling in sporadically but putting the pieces together and laying everything out has been a lot of fun. It’s looking great and I can’t wait to share the final product with you. More on that later…

Kerry Callen’s Nonexistent Swamp Thing-style of character, Pete Moss is great. He reminds me of the Stupid Heroes character, Salad Thing

Ladies and gentleman… youthful, Emmy award wininer, and recipient of the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series, Mr. Peter Boyle.
“Hazel has petnamed him, “Pete Moss.” She thinks it’s cute. Sometimes Peter returns the favor by calling Hazel “Fat Cow.”

I think these two kids have a real shot

that, and he kinda grows on ya…

Model and Toy Collector 17

Model and Toy Collector 17 (1991)

Another great retail, toy magazine that includes some Swamp Thing goodness. This issue announces the release of Kenner’s new toy line. (We’re in 1991… remember?)

Swamp Thing! The Bog Bulletin is the entertainment rag all the kids are clamoring for; even though they use “swampthing”. The “vegetated vigilante”, the “mean, green, environmental machine” is in cowing to stores near you but “dont worry, you won’t have to do hiphuggers”.

This great Concrete statue stood out to me. Only 500 were produced and I’d love to get my hands on one.

Tomart’s Acrion Figure Digest 5

Tomart’s Action Figure Digest 5 (1992)

I’m always thrilled to read up on the production process of Kenner’s Swamp Thing line. This issue of the Action Figure Digest mentions two “new” Swamp Thing figures.


It’s not the first time Swampy has been reused/re-purposed. various accessories from this line went on to be packaged in the Battle Trolls line of toys.


The final wave of Swamp Thing figures to be manufactured included four figures that never made it to stores. The canceled figures and accessories went on to be used in the RoboCop and the Ultra Force toy line. 


There were a bunch of other great ads and features in this issue.

The Batman vehicles are extremely wacky

SiouxperCon Swamp Thing Panel

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been preparing for SiouxperCon, where I’m displaying a curated exhibit of my Swamp Thing collection and holding a panel discussion with Phil Hester (your assumption is correct, it was a Swamp Thing panel). The inaugural year of SiouxperCon has exceeded expectations. Everyone is having a wonderful time and I heard from a few of the comics vendors that they were pleased with the turn out and sales. I’m hoping SiouxperCon will live on for quite a while. Basked on the enthusiasm from convention-goers, it seems like Sioux Falls has been waiting for an event like this for some time.

Below is the audio from the panel with Phil along with the slides that corresponded with the conversation. I hope you find it as entertaining as I did.

Here are some fun shots of the panel in session.
Like most theaters, it was extremely cold. Phil needed a jacket.

A couple photos of my booth, on the show floor.

Comics vet, Gordon Purcell heard about my Swamp Thing exhibit and swung by my booth. We had a great conversation and I was thrilled to meet him.