Superman Pocketbook 11

April 2, 2016 § Leave a comment

Superman Pocketbook 11 (1979)

This UK edition, the same as its German counterpart  Superman Taschenbuch, reprints DC Comics Presents #8.
 photo image_1.jpeg

DC Comics Presents #8 (1979)
The Sixty Deaths of Solomon Grundy
 photo image.jpeg
The book reprints four more classic stories as well

World’s Finest Comics #212 (1972)
And So My World Begins!
 photo image_3.jpeg

World’s Finest Comics #256 (1979)
The Werewolf of Krypton!
 photo image_5.jpeg

Superboy #194 (1973)
The Super-Merman of the Sea
 photo image_2.jpeg

This edition also includes Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes #246 (1978) Will the Last One to Leave Mercury Please Close the Planet?. I didn’t bother to snap a photo of the title page since this edition is almost identical to the German edition I wrote about in the past.



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