The Comic Reader 95 (1973)

The Comic Reader 95 (March 1973)

 photo EC8E9BB2-891F-457A-BB91-BC8A40ECE43C.jpg
I love stumbling upon Swamp Thing ads from the early 70s and this early issue of TCR has just that. The cover is illustrated by a young Ronn Sutton. Sutton started his career in ’73 and has since worked on some 200 comics, as I’m sure you already know. He is a long time collaborator with Janet Hetherington who showed up on this site by way of  Amazing Heroes 141 where she interviewed Karen Berger.
 photo 8F1B088A-1738-49C2-8309-896237F50797.jpg

The Coming Comics section features a blurb for Swamp Thing 5 The Last of the Ravenwind WItches (series 1)
 photo 3DB0389D-9D84-458A-A246-B4F5D5D27A23.jpg
 photo AB8AB147-45B5-4513-9B17-A72A16EA614A.jpg
 photo FFC807CD-502F-46D9-A9D8-AE9EABE7813A.jpg

The 1972 Comic Art Fan Awards features a few Swamp Thing sightings, for good reason. Series one was awesome. Well, the first half was at least.
 photo 0B03D6ED-2D92-44D0-9A2C-D4BAC9DA12D5.jpg

Wrightson and Wein make the final ballot for favorite pros.
Swamp Thing makes the list for favorite pro comic!
 photo 9279AD7A-6F31-4422-91C3-614F195EB2E0.jpg

Swamp Thing 1 Dark Genesis was up for, 1972 favorite comic book story of the year.
 photo 8B63B103-5534-440E-812E-13794F50CE20.jpg

The old Comic Reader magazines had these great, little illustrations scattered throughout the book. I love this one of Etrigan.
 photo CFFF7222-CC3E-4512-B4F2-D9E31E994C74.jpg

An ad for The Buyer’s Guide for Comic Fandom. I wish I could find a bunch of the old papers for 9¢ a copy today.
 photo 5840D022-BCD8-4785-8728-85CAFCDCEE76.jpg

Back cover
 photo 18D4B9B6-E35B-410F-8F45-5F9342C4744A.jpg


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