The Comic Reader 95 (1973)

The Comic Reader 95 (March 1973)

I love stumbling upon Swamp Thing ads from the early 70s and this early issue of TCR has just that. The cover is illustrated by a young Ronn Sutton. Sutton started his career in ’73 and has since worked on some 200 comics, as I’m sure you already know. He is a long time collaborator with Janet Hetherington who showed up on this site by way of  Amazing Heroes 141 where she interviewed Karen Berger.

The Coming Comics section features a blurb for Swamp Thing 5 The Last of the Ravenwind WItches (series 1)

The 1972 Comic Art Fan Awards features a few Swamp Thing sightings, for good reason. Series one was awesome. Well, the first half was at least.

Wrightson and Wein make the final ballot for favorite pros.
Swamp Thing makes the list for favorite pro comic!

Swamp Thing 1 Dark Genesis was up for, 1972 favorite comic book story of the year.

The old Comic Reader magazines had these great, little illustrations scattered throughout the book. I love this one of Etrigan.

An ad for The Buyer’s Guide for Comic Fandom. I wish I could find a bunch of the old papers for 9¢ a copy today.

Back cover

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