SiouxperCon Swamp Thing Panel

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been preparing for SiouxperCon, where I’m displaying a curated exhibit of my Swamp Thing collection and holding a panel discussion with Phil Hester (your assumption is correct, it was a Swamp Thing panel). The inaugural year of SiouxperCon has exceeded expectations. Everyone is having a wonderful time and I heard from a few of the comics vendors that they were pleased with the turn out and sales. I’m hoping SiouxperCon will live on for quite a while. Basked on the enthusiasm from convention-goers, it seems like Sioux Falls has been waiting for an event like this for some time.

Below is the audio from the panel with Phil along with the slides that corresponded with the conversation. I hope you find it as entertaining as I did.

Here are some fun shots of the panel in session.
Like most theaters, it was extremely cold. Phil needed a jacket.

A couple photos of my booth, on the show floor.

Comics vet, Gordon Purcell heard about my Swamp Thing exhibit and swung by my booth. We had a great conversation and I was thrilled to meet him.

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