Tomart’s Acrion Figure Digest 5

Tomart’s Action Figure Digest 5 (1992)

I’m always thrilled to read up on the production process of Kenner’s Swamp Thing line. This issue of the Action Figure Digest mentions two “new” Swamp Thing figures.
 photo image_1.jpeg

 photo image_4.jpeg

It’s not the first time Swampy has been reused/repurposed. various accessories from this line went on to be packged in the Battle Trolls line of toys.

 photo image_7.jpeg
 photo image_6.jpeg

The final wave of Swamp Thing figures to be manufactured included four figures that never made it to stores. The canceled figures and accessories went on to be used in the RoboCop and the Ultra Force toy line. 

 photo image_3.jpeg

There were a bunch of other great ads and features in this issue.
 photo image_2.jpeg

The Batman vehicles are extremely wacky
 photo image_5.jpeg
 photo image.jpeg


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