Who’s Who 1

Who’s Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe, Volume 1 (1985)

 photo image_12.jpeg
The first issue of DC’s Who’s Who features a bio for Anton Arcane. The bio, of course, mentions his arch nemesis, Swamp Thing.

It looks like Anton and Abel are enjoying a moment together.
 photo image_3.jpeg

I’m glad they didn’t name the series, Whodunnit! Or, Who’s Who’s, How’s and Whys
 photo image_4.jpeg

Wolfman and Wein break it down…
 photo image_9.jpeg

Anton Arcane; one of DC’s nasties villains and the bane of Swamp Thing’s existence.
 photo image_2.jpeg

It’s too bad the print quality and registration is so poor. The info within many of the character profiles are difficult to read.
 photo image_1.jpeg
 photo image_8.jpeg
 photo image.jpeg

It’s always wonderful to see Cranius in the mix
 photo image_5.jpeg

The Arkham Asylum write-up features a floor plan of the building. I wonder if this plan reflects the actual layout and how often it is used by artists when depicting the asylum.
 photo image_11.jpeg
 photo image_10.jpeg

The back of the book features a kind of, where are they now? section.
 photo image_7.jpeg

Fear not, Arcane is in Hell… for now
 photo image_6.jpeg


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