Swamp Thing Film Prototype

Bill Munns’ prototype model for the major motion picture, Swamp Thing
circa 1981


This beautiful piece was on my door step when I got back into town last night. It comes from a fella in Pennsylvania who got it at auction. He wasn’t sure of it’s origin so I contacted some fellow Swamp Thing know-it-alls to see if they had any info. The film’s makeup artist and Arcane Monster stand-in, Bill Munns, replied immediately confirming that he indeed crated the bust.

I’m pretty sure that is my design prototype head bust. The eyes in particular look like the taxidermy eyes I used, and the model railroad landscape material glued onto the roots is the technique I used. I made that out of a latex skin and flexible polyfoam filling the head form. From what I can see, it appears to be that material. So I am pretty sure it is the original head design figure I did.

I have no recollection of what happened to the one I made, so I don’t know how or when it left my possession. If you have the actual head bust, congratulations.


He features photos of the bust on his website, here.
This is the new centerpiece of my collection. It really is spectacular. The detail is amazing and it has held up pretty well since ’81.


The roots look quite realistic.

The definition of the spine is a great detail.

The teeth are an awfully creepy touch. They help add a sense of realism to his expression.

The taxidermy eyes give the illusion that they’re following you, making for an eerie viewing. It’s awesome!

3 thoughts on “Swamp Thing Film Prototype

  1. that is the definition of “awesome”!!!!!
    way to go on getting it. what you don’t say is how much it cost you. hope it’s not rude of me to ask. better include shipping if you do tell me the price because I have a feeling it was a kick in the sack. lol

    Liked by 1 person

  2. i’ll give you $120 right now! c’mon john, double your money just like that. you can just pick up another one. hahahaha


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