Constantine The Hellblazer 12

Constantine The Hellblazer 12 (2016)
Dealmakers and Dealbreakers

There have been rumblings that Swamp Thing will make his way into the new Constantine Rebirth series but until then Swampy has a little appearance in the new issue of Constantine The Hellblazer.


I’m omitting the plot summary for this issue and sticking with sharing some of my favorite Swamp Thing panels. For a list of recent and upcoming Swamp Thing appearances be sure to check out the New Releases page. I’m always updating the page to keep up with new Swamp Thing related releases.

I haven’t read this entire Constantine the Hellblazer series except for those that have featured Swamp Thing. The books I’ve read I’ve enjoyed.
Swampy doesn’t think much of Deadman’s puns.

I enjoy this style of Swampy. It’s sketchy and feels more playful, almost cartoony.

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