The Tundra Sketchbook Volume 3

The Tundra Sketchbook Volume 3- Michael Zulli
Noodles: Sketchbook Stuff, Random Drawings and Telephone Sqiggles

The last Tundra Sketchbook I wrote about featured Charles Vess. This volume focuses on the work of Michael Zulli. Most Swampy fans recognize his name and/or work from the unreleased Swamp Thing #88 “Morning of the Magician” along with his illustration of Swampy that was used on numerous editions, a poster and trading cards.

The reluctant forward by Neil Gaiman is quite entertaining.

The book features numerous sketches from throughout Zulli’s career but the one page I was extremely excited to share featured sketches from his lessons with Stephen Bisette. Apparently, to prep for his work on the Swampy title (that was never released), Zulli took a few pointers from Bissette on how to draw Swamp Thing.

Here are some other great sketches from the book

Since we’re on the topic of sketches, I figured I’d share some commission work that has come my way. I’m excited to get them in the mail and see what the client thinks. I think they are coming together quite well.

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