Swamp Thing Fanzine!


There’s been a lot of excitement going around in the Swamp Thing world and I am extremely excited to share in the international Swamp Thing zine that I am producing. Evident through this website, I have a deep rooted passion for Swamp Thing. Swampy’s rich history has provided a great deal of creative and entertaining content over the past 40 years. The legendary creative teams that have worked on the comic, the two films, two television series and all of the unique/oddball collectibles has helped establish a focused, dedicated fanbase that is rivaled by few. These loyal muck-encrusted Swamp Thing fans are all over the world and I’ve been fortunate enough to share in their passion and establish relationships with many of them. To celebrate Swamp Thing fandom, I am designing and producing the world’s first international Swamp Thing fanzine. The fanzine will be a wonderful collaboration involving many talented people from around the world and will serve as something special for all Swamp Thing fans and lovers of fandom to share. The fanzine features character creator spotlights, interviews, pro and amateur art, a science corner (written by an actual scientist), and much much more! Creative contributors include Swamp Thing creator Bernie Wrightson, Rick Veitch, Nancy A Collins, Phil Hester, Kim DeMulder, Bill Munns, Rich Handley, Daniel Emery Taylor and many more! The fanzine will have a limited print run with a focus quality materials, making the fanzine feel unique and special to Swamp Thing fans. If you are interested in supporting the fanzine, to help offset production costs, please visit my Kickstarter page here:
Kickstarter.com – International Swamp Thing Fanzine


Swamp Thing 6 (series 6)

Swamp Thing 6 (2016)
Dark Destiny


Series 6 comes to an end; it’s dark destiny takes us to Houma. The fate of the world is being threatened and Alec Holland calls upon some old friends to help correct his error.

Swamp Thing and Matt Cable mystically swap forms, returning Alec Holland back to his human form. The whole charade is put on by an old, familiar foe…

Anton Arcane!

Of course!! Who else seems to always find a way to return from the dead, hell-bent on world domination?

Since we last saw Alec in issue 5, he’s rallied some allies that are quite familiar with the evil ways of Anton Arcane.

Phantom Stranger! The Spectre! Zatanna!
The last issue has a great cast with some really fun interactions.
Spectre mentions that this is the first time he has met Alec.
Have The Spectre and Swamp Thing met in this timeline/universe? In the chronology/history of Swamp Thing I do not believe Spectre has interacted with Alec Holland (human form) but he has enteracted with Swamp Thing.

Wein and Jones portray Spectre as wicked as Arcane. It’s fun to see him get what he deserves.

Everyone gets a chance to shine in this final issue. Zatanna uses the Hand of Fatima to transform Alec back into Swamp Thing… FOREVER!
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Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers #18

Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers #18 (1990)


I haven’t forgotten to write a post regarding Swamp Thing #6 (series 6) and how it concluded the six issue mini-series quite well. I’m hoping to write about the final issue this weekend. I plan to reread the six books in one sitting to get a better feel for the stories’ pacing. In the meantime…

This great issue of Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers features a fun Swamp Thing parody! Fellow Swamp Thing fan, Paul came across this book and graciously sent it to me. I was pleasantly surprised to receive the book. I was a big fan of the Rescue Rangers animated series.

The story is reminiscent of Swamp Thing #4 Monster on the Moors
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Amazing Heroes 99

Amazing Heroes 99 (1986)

this awesome issue of Amazing Heroes announces the 1985 Eagle Awards winners and guess who made the list?
…Swamp Thing made the list, of course.

Swamp Thing placed quite well amongst voters. The title and its creative team were ranked in numerous categories and the competition was pretty stiff.

This must be a congratulatory/victory hug between Swampy and Abby
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Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death 6

Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death 6 (2016)
The Conclusion

A number of great comics came out this week and I’m looking forward to writing about those that feature Swamp Thing. I’m also hoping to find a moment in the next couple of days to write about Swamp Thing #6, the final issue in the mini-series by Len Wein and Kelley Jones. I loved how they wrapped the series up as well as how they left plenty of doors open to continue the narrative. More on that book later.

This final issue of the Poison Ivy mini-series by Amy Chu, Seth Mann and Clay Mann offers up a great ending to a great series. Like the final Swamp Thing book, this issue also keeps a few doors open to continue and ongoing series if DC chose to move in that direction …which they should. I was so excited to see Swamp Thing make an appearance and help out in battling evil. I was very happy to see that Swamp Thing helps and doesn’t just show up in the final issue and resolve the problem. Chu did a great job of keeping the focus on Ivy and her sporelings.

Swamp Thing shows up to help vanquish Grim, Ivy’s newfound nemesis. He also lends his sage wisdom, warning Ivy of the consequences of tampering with The Green. I could elaborate but I thoroughly recommend reading this mini-series so be sure to check it out and enjoy the action.

Ivy’s coworker and friend, Darshan would be a great character to see developed in a future Poison Ivy series. His encounter with Swamp Thing in this book is very amusing and filled with wrestling references. Darshan apparently thinks Swamp Thing would make for a great WWE wrestler.


Saga of the Swamp Thing 21

Saga of the Swamp Thing 21 (1984)
The Anatomy Lesson

This is the book that started me down the long, passionate (some say obsessive) path of Swamp Thing fandom. The previous issue, “Loose Ends” was Moore’s first Swampy book but this issue really kicks things off. Like many, I appreciate this time in Swamp Thing’s chronology quite a bit. The artwork  and writing set Swamp Thing apart from many other books. The level of artistry, detail and effort that Totleben and Bissette put into each panel and page is extraordinary. Also, Swamp thing feels more relatable than ever before with Moore at the helm. He brings Swamp Thing back to life in an almost poetic way. it’s the greatest.

Moore starts this issue in such a wonderful way. The deed has been done and Woodrue is contemplating his actions.
Moore starts the book by immediately killing off Sunderland; the giant thorn that has been stuck in Alec Holland’s paw from day one.

Last we saw Swamp Thing, in issue 20, he had been shot and killed by Sunderland and Government goons (DDI). In the meantime, Swmapy’s body was transported back to Sunderland Corp to be exhumed under the close eye of Jason Woodrue/The Floronic Man. This is the first time we get to see Woodrue interacting with Swamp Thing.
Due to his expertise and unique form, Sunderland sprang Woodrue out of jail to conduct Swamp Thing’s autopsy and to unlock the science of the Holland’s bio-restorative formula

Woodrue stumbles upon the key to what turned Alec Holland into Swamp Thing. He excitedly informs Sunderland but is met with disdain.

The pseudoscience that Alan Moore constructs is fantastic. He draws the reader in, making them believe that there just might be a realistic way for a Swamp Thing type of creature to exist. Another reason that this book stands apart from others is that Moore reveals that Alec Holland is no more; that Swamp Thing is merely sentient plant matter that holds the memories of Alec Holland. This was a great shift in continuity compared to previous notions of who/what Swamp Thing was.

Sunderland fires Woodrue after he has completed his task. Sunderland fails to listen to Woodrue’s warning that a plant can not be killed with bullets and that the Swamp Thing has the ability to defrost from his slumber.
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