The DC Vault: A Museum-In-A-Book

The DC Vault: A Museum-In-A-Book (2006)

 photo image_2.jpeg
The DC Vault arrived in the mail this week and I was extremely excited to paw through it. The museum-in-a-book presents a great deal of insight on the history of DC and the creative process as well as numerous reproduced items/ephemera. My primary focus was the portions of the book featuring Swamp Thing and there are a few!
Action Comics #1 ashcan preligion army cover (left page) and an ad for the book on the right.
 photo image_3.jpeg

A reproduction of Double Action Comics #2! Only three original ash and are known to exist. None of #1 are known to exist.
 photo image_25.jpeg

Batman #30 (from notes to finished cover) helped to support the war effort.
 photo image_26.jpeg

I love reading and seeing the creative process.
 photo image_4.jpeg

I was really excited to see the Junior Justice Society secret decoder. This page includes a Batman mask (1942), Wonder Woman pin and secret decoder (circa 1943).
 photo image_5.jpeg

This page featuring the cover to Brother Power The Geek caught my eye. Not only do I enjoy the short lived book,  the title plays a small part in Swamp Thing series 2. Chester Williams has a long history with Brother Power.
 photo image_6.jpeg

The book includes a few exl pleas of foreign merchandise. When the Swamp Thing museum-in-a-book comes out, I hope I can contribute some wacky, hard to find collectibles.
 photo image_24.jpeg

Swamp Thing shares a spread with a really great RagMan sketch.
 photo image_7.jpeg

Swamp Thing #12 process sketch and finished cover by Nestor Redondo
 photo image_8.jpeg

Ragman #1 sketch with notes
 photo image_23.jpeg
 photo image_27.jpeg

DC’s internal stationary was pretty awesome! I haven’t seen many of these floating around the Internet.
 photo image_22.jpeg

Here’s a detail of the Plastic Man stationary.
 photo image_18.jpeg

When DC moved locations they released this promo announcement to let everyone know.
 photo image_10.jpeg

Swamp Thing #43 process sketch and finished cover by Steve Bissette
 photo image_20.jpeg

History of the DC Universe Poster
 photo image_12.jpeg
 photo image_19.jpeg
 photo image_21.jpeg

DC color palette guides/brand standards
 photo image_13.jpeg

Wonder Woman pencils and inks
 photo image_14.jpeg

The DC holiday cards
 photo image_15.jpeg

I was surprised to see this Charles Vess card in the mix. I was able to track down an original copy of the holiday card a few years back. I wrote about it here.
 photo image_17.jpeg

It’s great how DC was able to pack so many cool things into one book. I was able to find a copy for less than $10. Ebay and Amazon have copies available for around the same price.
 photo image_16.jpeg


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