Swamp Monster 4

Swamp Monster 4 (circa 1982)

I’ve been looking for this book for a few years now and I’m happy to say that it’s finally in my collection! This is the last of 4 Australian publisher, Murray Comics editions that I’ve had trouble tracking down. This copy happens to be in great shape and was purchased at a very reasonable price.

The over-sized, Australian edition collects 6 stories, 5 are Swamp Thing stories.

Swamp Thing 21 (1976)

Swamp Thing 14 (1975)
The Tomorrow Children
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Swamp Thing Giveaway!

Just over a year ago I started an instagram feed that coincides with this website, rootsoftheswampthing.com. Instagram allows me to quickly share my books and collectibles when I don’t have time to write a full post on the website. The RootsOfTheSwampThing instagram page has been a great way to meet fellow Swamp Thing fans and to share Swamp Thing information. I’m quickly approaching 2,000 followers and to show my appreciation and to celebrate Swamp Thing fandom I’m giving away the illusive Swamp Thing Halloween costume (1990).

Interested in getting your hands on this great costume? Follow the complete guidelines below to qualify.

Here’s how to enter:
1) The giveaway is exclusive to instagram followers only so be sure to visit my instagram feed and follow @rootsoftheswampthing.

2) Answer the following questions in the comments section of this post, below.

  • What do you find more interesting, an interview with a comics creator or an article about a comics creator?
  • About how many comics do you read per week?
  • Do you find comic book related movies to be more exciting/interesting than comic books?
  • Who is your favorite comic character? Through good times and bad, what character do you always go wild for?
    Sub-question: What book (featuring the above character) would you recommend that I read?

3) Visit my Swamp Thing International Fanzine Kickstarter.
Pre-ordering your copy of the Swamp Thing fanzine/supporting the zine is not a requirement to win this giveaway but I greatly appreciate you taking the time to look over my project and share it with others who may be interested. This fanzine will be printed in a small run. Based on how many generous folks have backed the project, issues will go very fast. Secure your copy today.

Giveaway Deadline:
The winner (selected at random) will be announced on August 15, 2016

The Halloween costume comes with the original mask but the mask is banged up quite a bit so I am not advertising it as part of the prize. The original mask, in better condition can be easily found on etsy or other internet based marketplaces for a very reasonable price. I’ve only come across this costume twice in my years of collecting and digging. This is sure to make you or a fellow Swamp Thing fan very happy.

That’s it! That’s all you have to do. No raffles, no fees, no crazy hoops to jump through. Good luck to all who participate and thank you so much for sharing in the excitement.

Justice League Dark Sneak Peek

Justice League Dark animated film coming This Fall 2016!

Artist/animator Joseph Kahn pitched this Swamp Thing design back when talks were focused on a live action film. The details are amazing and it looks like Swampy has gained a few shrubs. seeing this gets me excited at the possibilities that a live action film could do for Swamp Thing.

Here’s how the film will actually look.
San Diego Comic Con provided all sorts of fun news and eye candy this past week. One of the items that I am allowed to share with you (and more amazing Swampy related news coming soon) is the Justice League Dark sneak peek. I’m extremely excited to see this project come to fruition. The film will be animated rather than live action, as it was originally intended. Fans will finally get to see their favorite dark universe characters interacting outside the comic book medium. I could dissect the preview and blather on-and-on for quite some time but I’ respect your time and am providing the sneak peek video below.

Sneak Peek Justice League Dark 2016

Here are some additional screen captures:
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The Hellblazer Rebirth

The Hellblazer: Rebirth 1 (2016)
Constantine has a new Rebirth series and he’s up to his old tricks. In his debut Rebirth book, John is wheelin’ and dealin’ with demons, conning his way back to his old London stomping grounds.

I’ve been looking forward to this title more than any other Rebirth book. Mainly because it acts as Swamp Thing’s entry point into the new DC Rebirth story arc. Swampy briefly appeared in the Rebirth 1 book along side Constantine but it left us with more questions than answers. I’m excited to see where The Hellblazer Rebirth takes the two characters.

Chas picks John up from Heathrow but the reunion is short lived. Constantine doesn’t have much time to con his way out of a curse that has been put upon him.

And with most shady situations that John gets into, he has a plan.

Meanwhile, the DCU is catching wind of the curse that not only threatens John but the entire city of London. As is par for the course, very few people trust Constantine. Strangely enough, Swamp Thing of all people comes to his defense.

I was a little thrown off by how inconsistent Wonder Woman’s face was drawn. In one panel she looks like Kanye West’s ex-wife, in another she looks like Linda Carter.

Below, she’s a dead ringer for Gal Gadot.

Here she appears to be very young.

Does Constantine deserve Swamp Thing’s trust?
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Fearless Swamp Dog

Fearless Dawn 1 (2016)

While assisting with the orders for new comic book day, I thumbed through some books that I’d typically pass on. I indeed judge comics by their cover, especially if a scantily clad woman dons said cover. I’m not keen on women being objectified and sex is an extremely lazy way to sell comics but I step down from the soap box. I bought Fearless Dawn because my preternatural ability to sniff out oddball Swamp Thing sightings paid off . I just happened to flip through the last few pages and came across this great Swamp Thing parody.

Swamp Dog looks awesome! The roots, flowers and his patented Swamp Thing nose/mouth shape are spot on.

What’s the deal with Swamp Dog?
Swamp Dog didn’t actually play a role in the story. Writer and artist Steve Mannion included the Swamp Dog illustration in the back of the book, as a portfolio/sketch page. A giant out-of-control dog did play a role in the story, but sadly, never turned into Swamp Dog.

…everywhere he roams, mayhem and destruction.

The gigantic dog eludes Dawn in the Swamp. In a perfect world, this would be the point in the story where the giant dog goes to school, trains to be a scientist, marries his college sweetheart (who of course would be a scientist dog named Linda) and begins his life’s work on a biorestorative formula only to have it stolen by thugs who leave him for dead, deep in the swamps of Louisiana and buried within this lengthy run on sentence. But like I said before, that doesn’t happen in this story.
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Justice League Trading Cards

DC Comics Justice League Trading Cards (2016)

DC and Cryptozoic released their new trading card series this month and I was pleasantly surprised to see that Swamp Thing made the cut.

The series features a number of buyer incentives such as, sketch cards, fabricated costume cards, character logo patches, model sheet cards and much more.

Due to the high cost per pack, my local comic shop won’t be carrying the trading cards but I plan to order some. The fabricated costume cards are a creative idea and the cards with patches attached to them look really cool as well.
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Rebirth Promo Poster

DC Rebirth Promo Poster

DC’s Rebirth campaign has been rolling forward for a few weeks and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by some of the interesting stories being told. While receiving a shipment for Wednesday’s new releases, I was happy to find an extra copy of this DC Rebirth promo poster. The same artwork is featured in numerous DC ads but I’m happy to have the larger, poster-size version in my collection. And, of course the illustration fetures Swamp Thing