Swamp Thing Fanzine Update!


I’m overwhelmed by the support & generosity from all of the fellow Swamp Thing fans. It’s been 36 hours since I launched the Swamp Thing fanzine kickstarter campaign and the results have exceeded my wildest expectations. Thank you so much to the generous folks that have contributed so far. All additional donations that exceed the $500 goal I originally set out to achieve for issue #1 will help with additional production costs along with the second issue of the Swamp Thing fanzine. And based on the support and reactions I’ve been recieving, a second issue is certainly on the horizon.

The Kickstarter page acts as a great way to support the production process as well as to secure your copy of the debut issue. Swamp Thing fan club membership cards and fan club buttons are a fun perk that will accompany your pre-order. Check out my Kickstarter page for more info and to get involved.
Kickstarter.com – International Swamp Thing Fanzine

One thought on “Swamp Thing Fanzine Update!

  1. way to go for putting this together, bro!
    added my ten bucks as soon as I saw it and am willing to pay the dreaded US postal charge to Canada to get this in my mossy hands.
    I love the wall of Swampies. Got me thinking that it would be nice if the fanzine came in a comic-sized format so it can fit in with the rest of my collection and not in an over-sized box with the other odds and ends. just a thought. conventional thinking is “bigger is better” so do what you feel is right.
    really looking forward to this!


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