Return of Swamp Thing production docs

The Return of Swamp Thing production documents (1988)
Lightyear Entertainment

I’ve been communicating with Daniel Emery Taylor-the actor who played the redheaded child in The Return of Swamp Thing (1989)-for my Swampy fanzine and also because he is a great guy. He mentioned having the original production documents kicking around and asked if I’d be interested in purchasing them. Included is the script, call sheets, his acting contract, filming location documents along with many other production docs. Fortunately for me, Daniel was looking to give his film production items a good home and be preserved. If anyone is willing to take on that responsibility, it’s me. Daniel was extremely gracious with these wonderful items and I am extremely excited to have them in my collection. Daniel will be shipping me the script next month and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you once it arrives. Until then, enjoy…

The Return of Swamp Thing – Shooting Schedule

Shooting schedule details
These documents are filled with cool info about the production process! I love seeing how the scene, cast and props are broken down.

“yam like tuber, edible” …I wonder what that tasted like.

Call Sheets
Notice the date on the call sheet. Savannah in June can get extremely hot. It’s no wonder why Jim Wynorski complained about the Summer heat throughout the dvd commentary. It’s quite funny how much he complains about it. I recommend listening to his commentary as long as you are able to tolerate it. It’s entertaining.

As you can see, I am in call sheet heaven. There is so much fun content and info to explore in these documents.

Shooting locations and maps were included as well! Now I need to get back down to Savannah and explore filing locations even more. On the map you will see that “motel” is handwritten toward the bottom. Funny enough, the college I went to purchased the hotel where the cast and crew stayed in the mid/early 90s. The hotel was converted into dorms and I lived there for a year. Now that I know what rooms the cast stayed in, I wish I could remember what number my dorm room was.

The production team’s hotel room list.

Laundromat receipt or quotes for cleaning services… not quite sure.

This sheet informs the production team of a cast and crew gathering (no guests please).

The Staff and Crew list contains a whole lot of contact info. I kind of want to try to call Michael Uslan’s provided telephone number and see if it still rings.  I’ve been trying to get an interview with him for a little while. I wouldn’t mind thanking him for putting Swamp Thing out in the limelight so much along with his endless contributions to comics entertainment.

I’d imagine most of the folks within these documents have changed their home phone numbers and addresses since 1988 but just in case, I’ve blurred out information that may be sensitive. This sheet features Durock’s home address and a number of home telephone numbers for key actors and producers.


This is one of my favorite items from the bundle. Included is a cover letter and the release for Daniel to star in the Swamp Thing PSA announcements that ran in the late 80s. They were pretty funny. Here is a link to one of the Greenpeace ads.


Another great item in the bundle; Daniel’s Return of Swamp Thing contract!


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