Wasteland 18

Wasteland 18 (1989)
The Casebook of the Dead Detective: “86”

I love using instagram as a reference tool and as a platform to share my ST collection. If I don’t have time to write a post on this website I’ll usually take a few quick photos and share items on instagram. I have an awesome group of followers and have found new friends that share my passion for Swampy and fandom. Fellow Swamp Thing fan and instagram friend, RJ found this Swampy parody appearance in Wasteland 18. I knew Swampy showed up in Wasteland 5 but this issue was news to me!

Needless to say, John and Del are up to their old tricks in this issue of Wasteland. As you can imagine, psychedelic tubers are involved.

Del Close points out, “haven’t we passed this way before?”. They sure have.
In Wasteland #5 Del and John frantically try to write a new story for a quickly approaching deadline. The two wind up falling into a psychedelic dreamland much like the one in this issue.

It looks like the gang is all here; most importantly, Swamp Thing!

Del must have plucked a tuber from Swamp Thing and offers it up.

…and proceeds to strap on his flashlight glasses. I’ll spare you from additional details but recommend that you check out the series.

Not only did RJ find this great Swamp Thing appearance, he also included a drawing of Swampy on the package he shipped me. This little doodle will surely find a place in the Swamp Thing fanzine. Thanks again, Rj!

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