Fearless Swamp Dog

Fearless Dawn 1 (2016)

While assisting with the orders for new comic book day, I thumbed through some books that I’d typically pass on. I indeed judge comics by their cover, especially if a scantily clad woman dons said cover. I’m not keen on women being objectified and sex is an extremely lazy way to sell comics but I step down from the soap box. I bought Fearless Dawn because my preternatural ability to sniff out oddball Swamp Thing sightings paid off . I just happened to flip through the last few pages and came across this great Swamp Thing parody.

Swamp Dog looks awesome! The roots, flowers and his patented Swamp Thing nose/mouth shape are spot on.

What’s the deal with Swamp Dog?
Swamp Dog didn’t actually play a role in the story. Writer and artist Steve Mannion included the Swamp Dog illustration in the back of the book, as a portfolio/sketch page. A giant out-of-control dog did play a role in the story, but sadly, never turned into Swamp Dog.

…everywhere he roams, mayhem and destruction.

The gigantic dog eludes Dawn in the Swamp. In a perfect world, this would be the point in the story where the giant dog goes to school, trains to be a scientist, marries his college sweetheart (who of course would be a scientist dog named Linda) and begins his life’s work on a biorestorative formula only to have it stolen by thugs who leave him for dead, deep in the swamps of Louisiana and buried within this lengthy run on sentence. But like I said before, that doesn’t happen in this story.

I had never read a Fearless Dawn book and quite enjoyed it. It certainly is risqué but a fun adventure runs throughout.

In an elseworld where life doesn’t revolve around Swamp Thing, I picked up a few new releases today.
In a world where life does revolve around Swamp Thing, I’ll be writing about Swamp Thing’s appearance in that Hellblazer Rebirth #1 very soon!

2 thoughts on “Fearless Swamp Dog

  1. When Mannion worked in DC’s production department he penciled a Swamp Thing page for fun. His associate Denis Gulbey liked it and Steve let him ink it. I recently bought this piece of art and would be happy to share it here, if you tell me how to get the photo to you.

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