The Hellblazer Rebirth

The Hellblazer: Rebirth 1 (2016)
Constantine has a new Rebirth series and he’s up to his old tricks. In his debut Rebirth book, John is wheelin’ and dealin’ with demons, conning his way back to his old London stomping grounds.

I’ve been looking forward to this title more than any other Rebirth book. Mainly because it acts as Swamp Thing’s entry point into the new DC Rebirth story arc. Swampy briefly appeared in the Rebirth 1 book along side Constantine but it left us with more questions than answers. I’m excited to see where The Hellblazer Rebirth takes the two characters.

Chas picks John up from Heathrow but the reunion is short lived. Constantine doesn’t have much time to con his way out of a curse that has been put upon him.

And with most shady situations that John gets into, he has a plan.

Meanwhile, the DCU is catching wind of the curse that not only threatens John but the entire city of London. As is par for the course, very few people trust Constantine. Strangely enough, Swamp Thing of all people comes to his defense.

I was a little thrown off by how inconsistent Wonder Woman’s face was drawn. In one panel she looks like Kanye West’s ex-wife, in another she looks like Linda Carter.

Below, she’s a dead ringer for Gal Gadot.

Here she appears to be very young.

Does Constantine deserve Swamp Thing’s trust?

With millions of souls at stake Swamp Thing somehow convinces Wonder Woman and Shazam to trust in Constantine to dig his way out of trouble.

Does Constantine have everything under control?

Stay tuned for more of Constantine’s crazy antics and what unfortunate situations he drags Swamp Thing into.

One thought on “The Hellblazer Rebirth

  1. We can only hope the Hellblazer Rebirth leads into Swampy getting his own book again. I can’t wait to see what they’ve got planned for Abby. It seems we are going to get the Rotqueen version which should make things very interesting. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for news out of San Diego about a new series but so far, nada!


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