Justice League Dark Sneak Peek

Justice League Dark animated film coming This Fall 2016!

Artist/animator Joseph Kahn pitched this Swamp Thing design back when talks were focused on a live action film. The details are amazing and it looks like Swampy has gained a few shrubs. seeing this gets me excited at the possibilities that a live action film could do for Swamp Thing.

Here’s how the film will actually look.
San Diego Comic Con provided all sorts of fun news and eye candy this past week. One of the items that I am allowed to share with you (and more amazing Swampy related news coming soon) is the Justice League Dark sneak peek. I’m extremely excited to see this project come to fruition. The film will be animated rather than live action, as it was originally intended. Fans will finally get to see their favorite dark universe characters interacting outside the comic book medium. I could dissect the preview and blather on-and-on for quite some time but I’ respect your time and am providing the sneak peek video below.

Sneak Peek Justice League Dark 2016

Here are some additional screen captures:


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