Swamp Monster 4

Swamp Monster 4 (circa 1982)

I’ve been looking for this book for a few years now and I’m happy to say that it’s finally in my collection! This is the last of 4 Australian publisher, Murray Comics editions that I’ve had trouble tracking down. This copy happens to be in great shape and was purchased at a very reasonable price.

The over-sized, Australian edition collects 6 stories, 5 are Swamp Thing stories.
 photo CCFF69FF-A62E-49D9-A2AC-EBEBBE49FCEB.jpg
 photo 32C5ED5D-0B6E-45F4-A341-862FD2A1E909.jpg

Swamp Thing 21 (1976)
 photo 6E4F9B6B-D512-4C9B-82E6-E67E6F7974BC.jpg

Swamp Thing 14 (1975)
The Tomorrow Children
 photo 5ED1334E-75E9-4DF4-B40A-A0A2ECA989C2.jpg
 photo A24497D0-97EC-4F64-A775-3A049DC0A242.jpg

Brave and the Bold 176 (1981)
The Delta Connection
 photo 762610D3-F66A-4F87-9F56-24F049307F2B.jpg

Swamp Thing 19 (1975)
A Second Time To Die
 photo F447D056-7056-4DBD-BCAD-8B6AB84FCE94.jpg
 photo 5923413B-C96A-4EAE-8C8A-17D38D213A6D.jpg
 photo BFFD6B80-BDCC-4BE2-981B-4D801AE50FF4.jpg

The over-sized black and white reproductions look great! Unfortunately, this level of artistry and craftsmanship isn’t seen very often in comic books today.
 photo ABE3D4E0-B3FB-435D-9F54-CCE8BF70AACD.jpg

Swamp Thing 20 (1976)
The Mirror Monster
 photo F2F55561-BA6E-423E-A845-2960D478885F.jpg


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